Friday, March 1, 2013

What you are looking at is skin cancer the most common, Baoosquamous, and less dangerous of all.  However it had been on my face nearly a year.  If I had not gotten other growths on my body it could still be growing.  Anytime something odd is on your skin, won't go away show it to your Doctor.  I went to the Doctor several times during that year always wore makeup and never thought about it.   When I first saw it I thought it was from the new makeup.  Carrel looked at it and said it looked like something had bitten me.  Well I had been working in my yard and decided that was what it was.  I know I went at least eight months without saying anything to my Doctor.  I used every thing I could find on it and sort of forgot it each time I went to see the Doctor.  Then I saw some growths on other parts of my body so decided I needed to find out what they were.  She told me the growths were nothing they could be frozen off.  However the place where I thought was a bite, she thought was cancer.  My Doctor sent me to a Dermatologist, Dr. Jacks in Pine Bluff Ar.  Dr.Jacks took a biopsy  and sent it to Little Rock to have it tested.  She said she would call me with the results.  However I got a letter from the cancer institute at U.A.M.S. I thought at first it was an advertisement, almost threw it away, after all Dr. Jacks did not call me.  I decided I would see what they wanted and found they had made an appointment for me to have the cancer removed.  I really did not want to go there.  I canceled once because of ice and rescheduled.  I was away too nonchalant about the whole thing.  You should take skin cancer seriously, it can be a killer.  Skin cancer can go inside, besides that it can eat a big place in your skin.  On the outside it was just no bigger than the end of my little finger. Look what it took to get rid of it.  Dr Davis said he got it all I hope so.  We stopped by Dr. Jacks' office and made an appointment to have the stitches removed.  I made an appointed for Carrel to be checked no more nonchalant thoughts of skin cancer for me anymore.  Sun when you are young causes these.  I use sun screen now, however not as a young person.  You see how much Dr. Davis had to cut to remove this little pea size place on my face.  I hope you older people will go to Dermatologist and have a screen.  Skin Cancer can go inside get into your lungs any organ and grow. This has been written not to scar but to inform.  Soon it will be spring and I can show some happy pictures.  Thank you for watching our garden grow and bloom. Hope you will grow one of your own. Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.

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  1. Lenora told me she dropped in to see you and your face is healing well. Yes it's good you took care for that.