Thursday, November 10, 2011

November leaves

                      The Amen! of Nature is always a flower. Oliver Wendell Homes Sr.  


Autumn has finally come to my garden.  The leaves have started to turn too gold, yellow and red, some have even turned brown and dropped off.  Nature has become all aglow.   A month off thanks giving, raking leaves, and pine straw, cleaning up for winter.  In the picture is a branch of our Maple tree  right outside my back French door.

We raked pine straw, picked up limbs and pine cones.  Carrel did most of the raking while I picked up the cones and limbs.  We burn the cones and limbs, but we have learned not to burn the pine straw, we never have enough.  He puts it in a wheel barrow and dumps it along our back fence, in the back yard.  Most of the pine straw will be put around my plants in  beds.  Some will remain where it is, in front of the back fence
 and we will add soil, compost and manure.  In the spring we are going to plant Azaleas, they need the acid in the pine straw.

We had a hard time with grass in our biggest bed, all the others were fine.  The grass was Bermuda grass that ran into it from another from the empty lots next to us.  I pulled it up, dug it up, finally I told Carrel you must find a way to keep it out.  He did, he mops and sprays into a bottle.  I put down heavyly  folded newspaper.  I hope we have salved our pleblems.  In the bucket he has mixed weed killer, this is a sponge mop I used to put wax on the floor. I do not wax these floors in my new house.  In the picture below you can see Carrel is mopping in front of the bed.  He does this and then lets the grass die then weed eats.  Weed eating is not enough.  We really had a hard time with flowers and grass this year, too hot and dry, but  a good year for grass and  weeds.

We did not get all the chores done I got sick, it rained, turned a little cold.  Hope you have enjoyed watching my garden grow and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Next blog will be about my Garden Room We Have Finished The Path.  Will show many pictures and I think I will enjoy this place in my Garden.
My sweet gardening partner, Husband and friend, Carrel Sheffiend