Monday, June 6, 2011

Peace Rose

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. Colossians 3:15     

A new rose was being pollinated in June of 1936 in France, a troubled country.  Just 9 days before the pollination of the Peace Rose a baby girl was born in America.  I was the baby girl.   My Mother gave birth to 3 boys before me, all of them are now gone. This rose was not named until the trouble was over in France.  The baby girl was named Elsie Juanita.  Juanita was after a child my Mother baby sat when she was younger.  Francis Millard and his father  pollinated this new rose, and sent the eyes out of France on the last plane to leave before the      Nazi  invasion.  The  father and son sent the  new rose to 4 countries Turkey, Germany, Italy, and the  USA. They  sent them to people they trusted  finish their work.   The man in  America who received the rose, Robert Pyle of  Concord-Pyle propagated this new rose  and sent it to the American Rose Society for testing.  In 1944 after France was liberated, Pyle    wrote to Meilland to tell him that he planned to release this beautiful rose.  He sent a long stem rose to each member of the Rose Society.  It became  a popular rose, all people were ready for peace.  The Peace Rose is a tea rose, blooms on long stems, and it is a repeat bloomer.  So they named the rose Peace Rose hoping to heal wounds that would take several  generations to heal.  I was 8 years old when the the Peace Rose was released. Our men landed on the shores  of Normandy on June 06, 1944.  D- Day, my birthday.  I remember my Daddy coming home from the war.  We were very happy to see him.    Lets not forget the Vets that died on that day.  I never fail to think about them.  Plant one of these beautiful roses and pray that we some day can live in peace.  I wish everyone would plant a garden instead of hate.   Hope you have enjoyed my Birthday blog.  I had a birthday party Saturday with a fine young man another June baby born in 2006.  I am very proud to share my birthday with a handsome young man my great grandson Connor.  Ace we call him.  He sure is a card.
I hope you will continue to watch my  garden grow and plant one of your. 
Happy gardening to you from me.                                                                                                              Juanita                                                                                                                                                 

Connor birthday boy 5

He who plants a garden plants happiness. Proverb 


  1. The Peace Rose is a favorite up here. It is just heavenly. Happy Birthday Mama. Hope you have at least 20 more! You are doing all the right things, losing weight and working in your yard. Try to stay away from those computer games. They will not keep you healthy. But blogging will keep your mind sharp. And you have such a sharp mind. You are loved very much, but you need to learn to accept it, even from the baby girl, Sandy. Don't get so mad at her over stuff like those flowers. We know how much happiness those flowers bring her, that's why God makes them. She loves those from you just as much--but you should quit counting stuff like that. Just the best wishes for you from above.

  2. Great blog. What a wonderful birthday present for you oh so many years ago...Beautiful pictures!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blogs this evening ! You, my lady, have a gift for writing along with your gift for growing flowers ! Didn't know the story behind the 'Peace Rose'...very endearing...esp to you and your family...
    Never have had a 'Peace Rose' but have seen them many times in flower shows and rose day...I just may order one from J & P ! You've inspired me :))

    1. I miss you read my blogs I miss you on face book. My roses are all dead.

  4. When did you take the picture of your rose bed. It is so beautiful. I was wondering was it the first bloom of the season. Couldn't you find a better picture of your beloved grandson who shares your 6-6-6 birthday?
    Love you!

  5. I love roses because they are all so beautiful and unique. This was an amazing store on this rose and I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks so much.