Sunday, October 27, 2013

Days Of September

The picture above is VaVoom .  It is 4:40 AM can not sleep, not unusual.  I read this wonderful blog "notestomyself"  she tells what to do to sleep.  I am trying, so far not so good.  Just talking to myself here.  My legs hurt when I go to bed, she says to walk.  Carrel and I are walking on the treadmill.  We started on Monday.  He is 74 and I am 77 have had a broken hip.  I went to sleep early 8:00, slept  just a little while and now wide awake.  Just talking to my self.  They had a birthday party for my favorite Rose this weekend and Paxton came brought the baby boy, he is so pretty and sweet. I see the pictures on Face book and he looks like a Darling. I have only gotten to hold him one time and he just smiled.

I took this just before dark.  I could see the rose but the back  ground was dark.  I think this is the best time to take pictures. You can see the true color of the roses like this.  Vavoom is a beautiful rose.
Many days have past since I started this.  Charlotte called but I was down with the stomach flu.  Charlotte said she and Don  had driven to Monroe and was coming here, but she couldn't get me on the phone.  They ate at PG's an old favorite of ours, a new one on Sterlington road. They had a Poor Boy.    Charlotte takes care of Rose while Mama works 4 days a week.  I sure did not want that little one  to get sick from me.

Debbie brought her bright smile to see me and I had a wonderful surprise Tafta and Orin,  this is not his name however it should have been.  Tafta has an older daughter name Audrey Jane.  One morning in day care Audrey told one of the ladies she had a little brother in heaven and his name was Orin. We tink she dream this. However in spite of this Momma and Daddy decided to name this baby boy Samuel something.  Well Audrey  told her Mother it was alright but everyone was going to make fun of him being called Samuel.  She didn't say the name like she liked it much.  They still may have a little baby boy in heaven named Orin.  If I was Tafta the next boy would be named Orin.  I would be afraid I would be given a yard full of boys if I didn't.  Debbie is a very careful shopper, she saw this shirt early in the summer.  Debbie never pays full price for anything.  She went back not too many days before she came here and found it very cheap and bought it. Debbie always looks good in whatever she wears because she buys the right style and size.  This was a very pretty green and white striped shirt.

Tafta was smiling here however Orin was not probably because someone called him Samuel.  Grandma ( She calls herself something else I really don't know what is wrong with Grandma.  I have answered to it since 1976, I think) will make Orin smile in another picture.

I think Debbie is tickling his feet and I bet she called him Orin.  Just wait how he smiles when Great grandma holds him.      

Doesn't he look content in my arms.  I just don't get to see him much.  I will be glad when I can go to Shreveport more.  We plan to buy a 2014 Impala Chevrolet The Consumer's Report says it is the safest and the most reliable on the road today , for the first time.  I have always like the car.  I drove a Chevrolet  Lumana for 13 years.  Never had any thing bad to go wrong.  I love the way these cars drive. The doctor told Tafta Orin should triple his birth weight by the time he is one.  Here he is three months and weighs seventeen pounds.  His birth weight was nine, if all goes right he should make.

I always hate to say goodbye to Debbie, and Tafta.  Here they go in Debbie's little red car.  I always feel a little sad to see them go.  I really enjoy them coming.

We had a beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.

I hope you have enjoyed this time we have spent with Debbie.  Thank you for watching my garden and my family grow and bloom.   Hope you will grow one of you own, Garden and  family.  I love my large family it just keeps growing, God has best me well.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I, Juanita.