Tuesday, February 28, 2017

January and February Blooms

This Camellia is about eight years old. A  Camellia is the most perfect flower, at least I think so.  If they had longer stems they make beautiful arrangements.  I made one in December however I have had to buy another computer and my December pictures are on it and it is blocked to me.

I took more picture in February, than in January, the weather has been better and some of my pictures are also on the other computer that is blocked from me.  I hope I do not have to buy a new computer every month but I will not be beat.  It is so hard to get my programs back on.  I have tried for two weeks now to get my e-mail set up. I still do not have going.
This bush now has a lot more blooms.  It starts blooming the last of November and finishes in March.

.The Debutant, reminds me of a Carnation for marking a corsage for the Debutant balls. 
this one also blooms in December though March.
    Looks like the bees are visiting already.

February's favorite yellow and bright.   This bush belongs to my neighbor,  Mrs. Lemely, has past away, and I miss her.  She lived to be well over 90.  She had a flower garden over two lots.  She planted everything, almost.  Carrel still mows 4 lots for her free,  they join me and I do not want the grass to grow out of hand. 

 I planted some pansies I had left over from my pots  in the yard.  These little flowers with their bright faces brighten a winter garden.

My first Iris to bloom in 2017.  These reblooming do not really know when to bloom.

The biggest surprise of all in February was opening my door and the lady handing me this beautiful arrangement from Debbie and Ken.  I really had to carry it from room to room to keep Miss Muffett from messing it up.  The bad cat still turned it over twice,  however it still lasted over a week. Ken sent Debbie and his Mother an arrangement also.

I thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom.  I hope you will give me some ideas for my new butterfly garden.  I hope you grow one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I.