Wednesday, June 6, 2018

May went out June came in with a blaze of color.

Carrel picked this and brought it in.  This is a cluster of small blooms on my Hydrangea.  We had to plant them in the back yard because the front has too much sun. Our afternoon sun is just too hot.  I have them lined up in the back of my house.  They have the morning sun before 11:00

This is the sky before the  sun up on the east side of my yard.  Cameras take a better picture of flowers  before good sunup or just before the sun sets.  If they are in  total shade and then sometimes there is a glare.  These pictures were taken time as this picture, before the sun rose.

I did no changes on these pictures.  This Coneflower greets me as I walk off the car-port  into my yard.   Even though I took this with no sun glare it is still not the bright orange that my eyes see.  How ever this flower has the magic to cheer me.  I have a friend whose favorite color is orange  if we lived close I would give her a plant. 

Bee Balm The favorite  of bees,  butterflies and hummingbirds likes these also.  I made the mistake of buying three of these.  They multiply from root and seed.  I told Carrel please do not let any of these plants go to seed  on the stake.  I have no one here to share flowers with I have not seen another flower yard in this town.

Pink is another of my favorite colors and an old woman's friend, try it.  My mother would not wear it at all and my baby daughter is just a bad.  I always tried to put pink on her and ruffles.  My Mother would come to the house and help sometimes, not much.  She would do my ironing and ask me why all the girls dresses  had to have ruffles.  I love littles girls in ruffles and loved  to create a new dress for them.

So soft.

This is a pretty combination very light pink and maroon.  I like the color green in flowers, only I am not a fan of green.  But flowers have to leaves, if the were any other color the garden would look over done.  The Master's paint is 

I wish I have kept the name of Day lilies but over the years I have lost the tag they sent me.  I bought this from Smokey's Day Lily Farm.   They sent two so I shared this one with Charlotte.  I hope she still has it.

My favorite color! Yellow!


I thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom,  hope you are growing one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I,   Juanita. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I do not care what they are  called Asiatic or Day lily I love them.   You will find I love most flowers and all colors.  However I like pink and yellow best.  To me the combination is lovely.

These will last at least for a month, maybe more.  Some will rebloom.


 I like the three colors, we are not suppose to wear over three color.  Do you suppose we came by this notion from the best dressed of all.  The flowers of the field, dressed by the Master.  I feel closest to the Lord in my garden.


This is the closest to red I have seen in a Day lily.

 I like a white in every flower that I can find.  It is like a white blouse for you wardrobe you need one in each style,  White shows up and leads the eye to it so you look at the whole garden if you
have more than one.  They say to pick a bright color and plant it in each bed so the eye travels from one bed to the other.  I was using the  Gold Strum or Black Eyed Susan  but I have changed my mind about them.  That will be another blog.


When I walk out my door My eye goes straight to my Yellow Asiatic Lily. 

I have several yellow Day Lilies around my walk They are bright your eyes can not help but go from one to the other.  You could get dizzy. 

This is a quiet combination I love pink team with this darker color.


We have had this lily a long time.  We have divided it and have it in several beds Lollipop.  When you buy an Asiatic Lily they come 3 to the pack. They multiply fairly fast.


I buy all the Asiatic Lilies I can find every year.  All of them are not as productive as the Lollipop or my Orange lily.  I do not know why but some do not live long.  I hope this one does.

This is not all my Lilies I do not have them all together and I do not like  too long a blog.  I feel you get tired  of looking at the same one. 

I want to thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you have one of your own. Until the next time I will say "Happy gardening from Carrel and I"  See you later Juanita.




Friday, May 25, 2018

Todays pictures May 24 2018

I lost these I thought they all died.  Debbie gave these to me several years ago at Easter,  they have never bloomed since on Easter, of course.  When they started to bloom I found them.  I was busy with something else and Carrel dug these up.  They were in the turn in the walk and he always managed to break one down.  Of course, Would you watch what you are knocking down.  He would sweetly say I will I just did not see  it.  Well I understand you only planted it three years  ago.  Now they are not in the Master's way.  Bless his heart.

These are part of my Mother's day gift from Charlotte   Sun Patiens.  When you give a gardener a living gift for her garden it just keeps giving year after year.  My children and Grand Children have given many flowers.  I thank them every time I see the beautiful blooms.

These  Stokes Asters have grown in this spot since 2007.  The spring before I married Carrel, so I planted these.  These are also flowers I think should be in every garden.  They multiply by root and seed I started with one plant.  I like to buy three plants  to buy  but they had  only two.  Charlotte
bought one, her plant  died.

There are many pants here, they multiply close to the Mother plant.  I planted some in an other but decided to move them back to this bed. All my beds have many plants in them.  I like every flower, However I do not have enough room.  I wanted just flower beds, no grass however Carrel over ruled this idea.  I am glad he did the Bermuda grass is awful here.  What I wanted was paths thru my yard and flowers every where like they have in England gardens, however that is not practical.  

 Sombrero  Flamenco orange 

 I ordered three but only found one they sent them at different times.  The others may not be blooming yet.  I have not lost any that I know of, they are very hardy.  I hope I find these.  They multiply fast and this last spring 3/272017, there is already four around it.  They multiply close to the plant.

Raspberry  Truffle 

 This is the darkest pink I have seen and the leaves are dark also. his came from Jackson & Perkins Parks seeds owns them now.

Raspberry Truffle
I  still have the same three plants I bought, however I have found one that does multiply.  I like for flowers to multiply just not take over and some do.  I get rid of that kind. Hummingbirds like this.

I have had this Balloon Plant a long time, I am thinking that Carrel built this bed in 2008 this is one of the first plants I planted.  I only one I do not remember why.  You should buy three.  This bed is sort of a trash bed, I put everything in it.

Carrel really likes this one, so do I .  It is deferent, multiplies but not too fast.   I planted this one in spring of 2017.
I am not going to throw all of these away however they will not be in this bed.  These are Gold Strum and they take over. I have never seen a butterfly on these.  It is suppose to be a good flower for them.  I know I have not shown you my lilies yet they are a different blog.  
I thank for watching our garden grow and bloom hope you have grown one of your own Happy gardening from Carrel, Juanita.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Debbie's and Ken's Visit

Debbie pulled in the drive driving her red mustang, that she has always wanted.   I did not get a picture but I will when she comes back.  It is flashy, pretty and bright.  She comes in all smiles like Debbie does.  They called and said they were coming don't cook,  Carrel and I had not eaten so I cooked a roast, rice, gravy and Broccoli and cheese. Carrel is a big help in the kitchen, I never have to wash dishes and he cooks the corn bread.  She could not wait to give me the gift she has in a bag.  She pulls it out with a rush and says an early Mothers day gift.  It was a beautiful hummingbird feeder.  We filled it and hung it out
The top lights up at night.  The whole thing shines in the sunlight.  I will catch a hummingbird on it before long.  Debbie likes Daisies and here they are.  No garden is complete without Daisies.


I thank you for watching my gardening grow and bloom and hope you are growing one of own.  Mine and Carrel's is beginning to show signs of summer now.  We have i almost where we want it.  Just a little more then just maintain it.  That will be a big job in its self.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I,  Juanita.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Exciting News

This morning Carrel  went to town to Walmart and the library, he had read all his books.  I took my camera out to see what was blooming today.  Here are the pictures I took.  This is Candy Cane.   I don't know how long I have had the lily however is one of my oldest.

5x4ft bed
 This flower bed has a collection  of flowers  Lilies,  Day Lilies, Gladiolas,  and last fall Carrell planted a  Cone Flower on the very end.  I wondered how it got there he said I told him to plant wherever  there  was a hole,  OK.

  I bought this lily in 2007 for myself  for Mothers' Day.  I bought one and now I have 6.  These do not multiply as fast the tall orange ones do.  These are older than the orange one.

My Gerber Daises  are doing great.

Look at all the buds on my Shasta Daises  I do not consider a flower garden complete with out a Shasta Daisy.  They multiply well so buy only one.  I bought this one in Tyler Texas.  We went to see Johnny and he drove me all over to fine this one.  

   Some of the buds have opened.  I wish they bloomed all summer if you keep them cut they last a while longer.  Like all other perennials  they have a season to show their stuff.   When they do they  out shine almost everything.  They are like white blouses in your wardrobe you need white but one or two are enough.  

 This is Butterfly Weed the flower I told you to get for your garden to help the Monarch Butterfly.  Now for my surprise!!!!!!!!
A Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar.  This was my last picture.  I walked all around my garden taking pictures.  As I walked up to this one I saw a bloom cut off and just hanging.  Then I saw little back poo and I got so excited.  I knew what I would find. SEE IT!!!!  I have never seen one in my yard.  So plant  Butterfly Weed.  You can plant it in pot if  you do no have a garden.  If I see any thing else I will show it.  I do not know how long I have planted Butterfly Weed.  I was so excited.                                    I want to thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom now  we know I have had a Monarch Butterfly in my yard and she laid her eggs.  I hope you will grow your own garden also don't forget to plant a Butterfly Weed. Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I.  Juanita                                          





Thursday, May 3, 2018

Planting for Butterflies, Hummering Birds and Bees

I am sorry this picture is not bigger but with our computers we can zoom.  I am always getting mail wanting me to donate money for something.  Today it was for the Monarch Butterflies I wrote them back I was doing my part  I have about 15 butterfly weeds,  may be more than that.  They wanted me to give $35.00 to adopt an acre of land,   they are planting for butterflies.   Now how do I know they are doing what they say,  they did not say where,  just on their route.  As you can see I have them here.  At least I did.  I do not have the butterflies I did have. All it cost me to plant the butterfly weed was about $10.00.  I bought 2 plants and now I have about 15 in my  yard maybe more,  they multiply well.  If you can find them you can dig them up in the woods, but they are not easy to transplant.  Besides why not leave them be and buy one, lots easier and the Butterfly has some in the woods and in your, buy your neighbor one.   Start a Monarch Butterfly block.  They can lay their eggs no one will bother their little worm (caterpillar).  All the flowers I buy I look for the little butterfly sign.  We have lost 90% of the Monarch Butterflies.  We  civilized people don't much care what we destroy as long as we have what we want.  Big homes and super highways.  The Indian cared for the land they did not litter and destroy.  They cared about the water and the land.   I am not knocking progress but I do think we should feed the other things  when we destroy their habitat.
This is the yellow Butterfly Weed I no longer have this one rain too much,  something happen to it.  I ordered the orange it is a pretty orange and I did not have any orange in my yard.  Every yard needs some orange in it to brighten things up.  Nothing does it like orange.

I love all Butterflies and we need them.  I have this picture in my kitchen,  along with black and white cows and sunflowers.  I have only seen two butterflies this year.  They are usually here when the red tips blooms but I saw none this year.  If you live in an apartment or digging is not your thing plant your  milk   weed in a large pot.  They form a fiber like mass on the root is why they are hard to transplant.  In fact Carrel accidently dug mine up when I noticed it was gone I ask him he show me where he planted it.  I dug it up and told him that was an old rotten board and threw it out.  He show me where he found and I decided to put it back and sure enough it came back, my milk weed.

I have this one in a 5x7 in our reading room.

I have never seen a Humming bird  or a Butterfly  light on the Gold Strum most people call it the  Black Eyed Susan.  Mostly all it does is take over all the other flowers.
Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom,  and hope you grow one of your own.  Remember to plant for our friends,  Butterflies,  humming birds and Bees.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I,  Juanita.