Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Madison Elizabeth Cranor

Miss Teen Little River County
Madison was born June 16, 1997, 14 today.  I made bumper pads and spread for her bed.  I also made an angel to hang on the wall over her bed.  Sandy combined pink and white gingham checks and white with pink dots.  I was with Sandy when Madison was born to help take care of older brother, Tyler.  I love giving new babies baths.  Madison like them from the beginning.  When she was old enough to say "Bath" she met me at the door wanting one.  I always played with her and the little yellow ducks.  When Maddie was just 18 mos. old, I kept her and Tyler for Sandy to go to a school in Texas.  Sandy worked for 911 at the time.  After I got home Sandy called and asked if I talked to Madison.  Sure did, she said Maddi was moving her hands like I do, and just a chattering.  She could say quite a few words by this time.  Madison was in her first beauty contest when she was just a small baby.  She did not win that time, Sandy could not wake her up. She slept through the whole program.  However Maddie did win almost every pageant after that.  She won in her home town" Miss Little River County" at every age level.  You may meet her one day as "Miss Arkansas."  I went once when Maddie had to crown her successor.  Some of the former winners were not there to crown theirs, so Madison ask if she could, yes she could.  She enjoyed this I think more so than winning or at least as much.  Maddie loves being on stage, loves people, and people love her.  She looks more like her Aunt Elizabeth, I think, than her Mother, and has Elizabeth's very sweet dimpled smile.  I do not believe in Beauty Pageants but it did not spoil Madison, she is very sweet and makes top grades in school. I always told my girls the brain means more than looks.  Madison was about 3 when baby brother was born.  Trace was born cleft lipped and cleft palate, as both Grandmothers were.  I was with Sandy, helped her care for him, at first we fed with a big dropper. Sandy fed late at night I fed Him in the  day time every 2 hours.  We were both in the living room very tired, Sandy was feeding Trace, I was laying on the couch with a book.  Madison wanted her cup filled, I do not know if she had ask me or not.  She went to Sandy, Sandy told her to ask Grandmother.  Madison informed  her that I would not get off my lazy butt to fill it.  We were shocked that such a statement came from such a sweet little girl.  When I moved here in 2006 I was glad to have enough room that I could have the  grandchildren over to stay a week or so.  I thought I had retired.  In June of 2007 Madison, Trace and cousin Baileigh came and stayed 2 weeks with me.  The other two played outside, inside and watched TV, not Maddie, she helped Grandmother cook.  The first day there was so much food I fixed a plate for my neighbor, Carrel Sheffield, and let the children take it to him.  The next day Maddie wanted to fix the plates, when she fixed one too many, I ask her who the other one was for.  Maddie without a smile told me,"For your boyfriend."  "Madison Cranor, he is not my boyfriend, just a friend."  "OK, for the the man who is you boyfriend, who is not your boyfriend."  "Out of the mouths of Babes."  In December Carrel became my Husband.  We all had a good time Madison made a purse out of frog material and we embroidered a Princess on hers. We also wrote something about having to kiss a lot of frogs.  I taught Madison how to make cornbread.  Well Madison Elizabeth guess you have out grown Grandmother, but I will never forget the times I have spent with you.  Love you.  Hope you will watch my garden grow on my blog pages,  and inherit my love of sewing and gardening.  You showed a lot of interest in both when you were here.    Happy Birthday, Grandmother Juanita and Papa Carrel
After the Crowning
 Happy gardening to all.

Just Maddie and her dog

Day lilies from my Garden to you


  1. Madison will love this, thank you Mother.

  2. Madison is beautiful inside and out...

  3. Beautiful story, well written! Hope your granddaughter knows what a legacy you are for her now and even more as she becomes a mature woman with children of her own...

  4. Where's my love from the family? I never even get a happy birthday from you guys.