Friday, June 10, 2011

Late Birthday Gift

  Give me my flowers while I live.  I would rather get a plant to plant in my yard than to get cut flowers. The flowers I plant, hopefully will out live me.  The cut flowers are beautiful and I love them but they live only a short time.  If you give a perenial it comes up year after year.  Paxton and Courtney have given me  two Hydrangias, both are Lace capps.  I need to move them, they are not happy.  They are getting too much sun.  We will move them to a place where they will get less sun next spring.  We have moved all of the Hydrangias to the shady back yard, except for these two.


Hosta, Francee

I believe gifts my loved ones give me for my garden are the best of all.  I like to plant a garden for others to enjoy.  A pretty garden makes me smile.  When you drive around today you don't see a lot of pretty gardens.  I think this is sad.  If Mothers and Daddies would give a child just a little spot of  ground.  Encourage them to make this spot the prettiest spot in the neighborhood.  There would be more smiles, less violence.  Idol hands are the devils workshop.  Today my dog Missy was barking at the carport door something awful.  I knew someone was there.  I do not jump up and dress every morning, so I called for Carrel to go to the door.  UPS man made a delivery.  I knew it was the present Paxton and Courtney had sent.  A long box from Greenwood Nursery, I could not get it opened fast enough.  Two beautiful Hostas.  Best looking plants that have ever been mailed to me.  I could not wait to get them in the new bed, Carrel had made in the back yard.  He made an eight foot sq. bed, three timbers high, because of all the roots from the Red Tips.  I planted the first one, but decided I wanted to show you one of the things I learned in Master Gardening Class.  When you buy plants if the root system is heavy, and these were.  You need to cut them and loosen the soil.  Before I went to the class I was careful not to disturb the root.  I have dug up things that did not look good and they had never grown because the roots were growing around themselves.  So take a knife or you fingers loosen up the roots, dig a big hole, plant and water well.  I water daily until they get going somtimes about a week.   Location is important.  If you have a Hosta that does not look good, wilting, move it.   Some Hostas like a little sun, most do not.  Hostas will die down and come back, when they get too much sun.  Move them in the spring.  I have two Carrel moved 3 times.  In the box from UPS was also a Rainbow collection of Day lilies I am going to plant them in front of my Roses on the right side of the drive. Check out looks good to me.  Hope you have enjoyed this page of  my blog and  will watch my garden grow.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita


Water to get the air out from around the roots

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  1. This is a great post. Carrel makes a lovely model. Where did he train? Paxton and Courtney are the best to remember to send a present. Good people.