Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Paxton was born in June of 1985.  I went down to stay with Charlotte to take care of her and the baby boy. At least we hoped it would be a boy.  She wanted him to be born on my birthday, went to the hospital but he was of a different mind.  She came home, went back on June 8th.  We were thrilled.  After 2 girls we have a boy.  Every time I changed his diaper I got showered  and the curtains were sprayed.  Jacquie (sister now 5) was very quite about this to me.  She went to her  other grandmother and told her she wanted a water hose like Paxton had.  From time to time I kept Paxton through the years for Mama and Daddy and enjoyed him very much.  I think I hold a special spot in Paxton's heart.  He has never missed a Christmas or birthday giving me a gift.  Charlotte taught her children  to buy Grandmothers a gift.  They used one half of their money and she paid half.  As a little one Paxton hated to go to bed.  Some how he  took a rail out of his bed at a very young age.  I was there one night baby sitting the 3 children.   I told Paxton it was night night time.  He took my face in both his little hands and said " No night night mam mam No night night."  He looked so sad I did not have the heart to put him in the bed.  In 1996 I left a bad marriage and moved in with Charlotte and Don and worked for them.  Paxton was older then .  I drove him where ever he had to go.  He always waited until the last minute to be ready.  I told him he would be late one day.  His big thing was " Don't worry about it Granny."   He got his own car he could drive himself.  I was always down stairs to tell goodbye, at home in the afternoon to say welcome home.  He is all grown up now living in Dallas with his wonderful wife.  I wonder if he tells her "Don't worry about it."  Happy Birthday Paxton.  You made a fine young man.  Glad I don't have to worry about you.     
Children are like gardens they need a lot of TLC to grow.   I like to think I did my part to help him grow up to be the fine young man he is today.  Love you and I am proud of you. Granny


  1. Heartwarming story of you and your grandson's history of Tenderness and Love for each other!
    It was a joy to read and know there are grandmom's out there like you :))


  2. Thank you Sheri He was something and now has a wonderful wife and 3 of the handsomest boys you ever saw.