Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacquie

Jacquie was born June 10, 1980.  Bridgett, Charlotte's first child  would turn 5 in August.  Charlotte was a teacher, so she planed her birth so it would occur in the summer months.  This stepping stone was a gift from Jacquie a  Christmas or so back.  But I hang it on the  outside wall of my home.   Jacquie was always different.   Just full of mischief.  When Paxton was born I stay with them and every time I looked up she was GONE, she never remembered to let me know where she was going.  When I moved in with them she was a teenager.  I never really liked teenagers.  They are an entirely different species, not human.  They need to be put on an island until  they are 25.  Need 2 islands one for boys, one for girls. One in the Atlantic, one in Pacific.  But we endured.  I would have some Granny talks with Jacquie.  She listened.  I was politely told that Jacquie did not really like our talks.  I kept right on any way.  I would tell her if she would put her energies in the right things she could do anything.  Jacquie was failing World History.  Her Mother told her if she would study with me and make a 100 on the mid term test she would buy her a new suede coat.  She studied,  we made an outline, she worked hard.  Made a 100.  Got her coat.  Not one other time did she make 100 nor study with me.  Everyone raises their children their way.   You don't reward children for doing what they should do.  When Charlotte gave Jacquie her coat Paxton said  "Jacquie makes one 100 and gets a suede coat I make straight As and don't even get a milk shake."   I took him and bought he and I a blueberry milk shake.  Pitiful.  I really worried about Jacquie a lot.   I always wanted the very best for her.  Well she got through high school, moved into the apartment in the back yard and went to collage.  All the way through she did just enough to get by.  I loved to see her walk across the yard.  Jacquie had longer legs than any of the rest of us.  Long graceful.  She guiled across the yard, in my mind's eye I can still see her.  She stayed  out late.  I didn't  go to sleep until she got home lots of nights.  Paxton big saying "don't worry about it Granny."  Jacquie always told me "I want to have fun while I am young.  Some day I will meet the right man and have lots of children."  Jacquie grew up .  Went back to collage and became a nurse.  This time with top marks, like I knew she could.  She found that wonderful man even a worried Granny is sure of.  Married in  October of 2010.  Beautiful wedding.  And we danced.   Jacquie called not long ago and told me she is having a Baby.  At my birthday party she told me the baby would be Girl.  She has a lovely home, wonderful husband.  So Paxton, Granny don't worry about Jacquie.  Thank you GB.  Have a nice one Jacquie .  Don't forget Granny loves you.   Happy Birthday    

G.B. and Jacquie well suited and happy

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  1. That is a wonderful birthday story for Jacquie. She has done well and we are all proud of her--at last. ;}