Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day Lilies in my yard

This bouquet was hiding behind my red rose .  I have been know to say "Oh I wish everything in my yard would bloom at one time."  However if everything bloomed at once your eyes would bounce around and nothing would really stand out.  Then when the blooming time pasted you would have a dull yard.  I like the saying there is a time and season for everything.  Now is the time for Day lilies this is the way it should be.  I am trying to have something blooming in my yard all the time, so far so good.  I have had  Face book friends to ask where I bought my Day lilies.  My Grandson Paxton gave me ten for my birthday last year, some have not bloomed yet.  I spent over fifty dollars  on line with Smokey's day lily farm  so I would not have to pay shipping, and he sent me a bonus.  This will be a blog of pictures, I hope you enjoy.

Along my path Carrel built is where most of my day lilies are planted.  I will not have two alike, some will bloom only once, however most all rebloomers and will bloom all summer.

Hot Coco

I have been called the Queen of Roses by a friend on Face book, so of course I could not leave without a picture of a rose.  I am glad they are blooming back.  all of my day lilies have not bloomed yet, they are younger than the others. I hope you have enjoyed this page in my garden memories of my day lilies.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, I hope you have a fun summer, Juanita
Joe and Casandra
This birthdays in this month has been Audrey Jane Rogers and Joe Evans.  Hope they had a fine day. Joe and his sweet wife Casandra are proud papa and mama of a new baby girl.
Audrey and baby sister

This is the first bloom of this Peony day Lillie   

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day

I had no one here on Mother's day, they have children of their own.  I was invited to be with them, but riding in any vehicle is not kind to this old body, they will understand when it happens to them.  Three of my children either came before or after and brought me a gift.  Debbie in her new bright red car.  She handed me a card, I read the card but didn't see the gift until she made the remark,  "It is the right size and color, isn't it."  I looked again, didn't want to tell her she forgot to put it in the card.  Then I said yes it is fifty dollars always comes in handy, I put ten with it and got me a permanent, maybe my hair will look better.
Charlotte and her husband came and brought me two lovely Hostas.  This is the kind of gift that will last, money and gifts for the yard are always welcome, I got phone calls from Lenora, Frank, Elizabeth, and Sandy, it is always good to hear from them.  Don and Carrel stayed in the house while Charlotte and I looked at the yard, they both like to read.  Charlotte gave me two Hostas that I didn't have.
 Frank's daughter Lauren came home for Mother's day so Frank came this Saturday and ate lunch with me.  I fixed roast with  potatoes and onion gravy and desert was blackberry pie.  He stayed and had supper.  When he left and looked in his car seat he said "Oh yes I brought you this for you"  and handed me a sack with two twenty five dollar gift cards from Lowes, Carrel groaned, I said "Oh yes."  He said he did not know what to buy me' oh yea sure. Thank you all for visiting and you phone calls, Jacquie a granddaughter sent a card and Joe a grandson called.  Hope you enjoyed this blog page.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one  of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.

Frank and family
Jacquie and husband GB
Sandy and husband, 

Joe Evans
Lenora, daughter

Could not leave with out a picture of my yard creatures.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Picking black berries

Wednesday was a very hard, canning day.   Years ago when my children it was nothing for me to can 15 to 20 jars of jelly but I never really picked very many.   My friend Joann, Carrel and I went to a farm way out from McGehee and piked 9 gallons all together.  Carrel and I only wanted 4 gallons, Joann decided she wanted 5.  Carrell and I picked 3 for her, she was just picking the biggest and best.  What difference dost it make if you are going to boil mesh and jell. I kept telling her to pick with both hands.  I always can mine right away.  Carrel helps but sometimes gets in my way, he has a very small kitchen.  We cann over at his house because he has a gas stove.  I have an electric one.  I like electric stoves for everyday use, but gas is better for canning.  We put up 15 pint jars of black berry jelly saved some for a pie for Saturday, my Son is coming.  When we finished I was tired as I could be.  I walked on home, Carrel stayed and cleaned up.  I was almost really for bed when he came home.  I do not sleep well at night, don't think I sleep any Tuesday night, so you can bet I slept last night.  I have to take medicine at twelve midnight so Carrel always brings it to me, because he is always up reading.  I did not remember him bring it to me, but he said he did.  Carrel told me I was asleep before he came to bed.  I wish I had taken my camera and showed how they had the berries growing.  The wirer was not any higher than I was.  They break off a limb and plant and water it down.  They have drip hoses to water the bushes.  We have two of them in our yard ,but we like soaker hoses better.  Can not write a blog with out putting a picture of  one of my flowers on.  We were going to the garden show in Monticello today.  I decided I was too tired to go.  We are having Crayfish festival in our town this weekend Carrel always gets him a dinner.  Hope you have enjoyed this page about the jelly making.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you grow one of your own, Juanita. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Another Monday

             A lone and erect, beneath lights primal flood, a Lily! and pure as any one of you. Mallarme
Thank you Lord for just another Monday, full of sunshine, flowers and the sound of the birds singing.  We sometimes take for granted we will have another day, flowers and the song of the birds.  I went out the door armed with my camera, to take pictures of what the Lord has blessed with me this day.  I not only love roses but all flowers, except marigolds. 
I bought a lot of Daylilies last summer like this is but one.  I want all different colors around our path.
Pink with green eye.

Bought this one at a farm near here.  We divided it last year and I ended up with 3 of these around the walk. These are not  rebloomers I will give away, one, and plant one in Carrel's bed.                                                                                        

This one has a faint ring of peach, very soft.
Light Pink with darker pink and a green eye
Pale yellow

Orange Lilies and roses

Yes I still have some roses blooming.

Still had  these to plant, so I did in a hanging basket.
I did not know there were so many different Salias.  I am not real fond of this one, I planted three but only one came back last year.

I always plant vinca every. This year I planted pink with red center and red with pink center.  Two of the red ones have died.  If I wait until the first of May to plant them, usually I do not loose any.  there is some kind of worm that eats the roots.  I guess there was still some hanging around and why just red I do not know.  I planted them around the walk, I had some left and planted them in another hole, I am having to dig the red ones up and replacing the the ones around the walk.

This year I bought a different Daisy, the one I bought before were always too tall.  I believe this one will be just right.  It is called Butter Cream, opens up creamy yellow and then turns white.  Has a longer blooming time.  The more you pike the more it blooms, so they say.

Pink and white verbena, this is an annual, it has really spread.   Adds a lot of color.

I bought this red verbena hoping it is pereniel.  I am going to let it run in between the two rows of roses.

The coneflowers are beginning to bloom.
I realy did not like this flower much at first, however ave had this one now three years, it has more blooms and the are bigger, and best of all  come back every year.
This tall flower looks like the fire cracker plant, someone gave it to me.  The s stay grean all year and it really multiplies.

I finished with the front garden and went to the back.  This hydrandea  n the front yard and was getting too much sun.  A friend gave me two of these barrels,  so Carrel ed it as a planter for this hydrangea. 

Both of thes hydrangeas were given to me by my grandson Paxton. 

They finnaly tured back blue.
 I was in the back yard I saw this butterfly pass by.  I kept walking and sighted my camera on it and when the butterfly landed, I took this picture.   After I took this picture I went in side left my camera and put my hat on.  While I was taking pictures I noticed some grass in the beds ome plants need water.  My Monday turned into quite a work day, weeding and watering.  While I was beeding over I saw a humming bird fly to my new ystic Spires Blue Salvia, it went from the top to the bottom on one side then from top to bottom on the other side.  I was no more than six feet from him, camera in the house.  I have found my Salvia to y walk.
Mystic Spires Blue Salvia

Hope you have enjoyed just another Monday with me in my garden.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.