Thursday, May 17, 2012

Picking black berries

Wednesday was a very hard, canning day.   Years ago when my children it was nothing for me to can 15 to 20 jars of jelly but I never really picked very many.   My friend Joann, Carrel and I went to a farm way out from McGehee and piked 9 gallons all together.  Carrel and I only wanted 4 gallons, Joann decided she wanted 5.  Carrell and I picked 3 for her, she was just picking the biggest and best.  What difference dost it make if you are going to boil mesh and jell. I kept telling her to pick with both hands.  I always can mine right away.  Carrel helps but sometimes gets in my way, he has a very small kitchen.  We cann over at his house because he has a gas stove.  I have an electric one.  I like electric stoves for everyday use, but gas is better for canning.  We put up 15 pint jars of black berry jelly saved some for a pie for Saturday, my Son is coming.  When we finished I was tired as I could be.  I walked on home, Carrel stayed and cleaned up.  I was almost really for bed when he came home.  I do not sleep well at night, don't think I sleep any Tuesday night, so you can bet I slept last night.  I have to take medicine at twelve midnight so Carrel always brings it to me, because he is always up reading.  I did not remember him bring it to me, but he said he did.  Carrel told me I was asleep before he came to bed.  I wish I had taken my camera and showed how they had the berries growing.  The wirer was not any higher than I was.  They break off a limb and plant and water it down.  They have drip hoses to water the bushes.  We have two of them in our yard ,but we like soaker hoses better.  Can not write a blog with out putting a picture of  one of my flowers on.  We were going to the garden show in Monticello today.  I decided I was too tired to go.  We are having Crayfish festival in our town this weekend Carrel always gets him a dinner.  Hope you have enjoyed this page about the jelly making.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you grow one of your own, Juanita. 

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  1. Feel free to bring me a jar of blackberry jelly. Beautiful picture. You should take a picture of your jelly.

    No I am not going to take that kitten or any of the 4 to the pound. I am going to find homes for them. How many do you want?