Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day

I had no one here on Mother's day, they have children of their own.  I was invited to be with them, but riding in any vehicle is not kind to this old body, they will understand when it happens to them.  Three of my children either came before or after and brought me a gift.  Debbie in her new bright red car.  She handed me a card, I read the card but didn't see the gift until she made the remark,  "It is the right size and color, isn't it."  I looked again, didn't want to tell her she forgot to put it in the card.  Then I said yes it is fifty dollars always comes in handy, I put ten with it and got me a permanent, maybe my hair will look better.
Charlotte and her husband came and brought me two lovely Hostas.  This is the kind of gift that will last, money and gifts for the yard are always welcome, I got phone calls from Lenora, Frank, Elizabeth, and Sandy, it is always good to hear from them.  Don and Carrel stayed in the house while Charlotte and I looked at the yard, they both like to read.  Charlotte gave me two Hostas that I didn't have.
 Frank's daughter Lauren came home for Mother's day so Frank came this Saturday and ate lunch with me.  I fixed roast with  potatoes and onion gravy and desert was blackberry pie.  He stayed and had supper.  When he left and looked in his car seat he said "Oh yes I brought you this for you"  and handed me a sack with two twenty five dollar gift cards from Lowes, Carrel groaned, I said "Oh yes."  He said he did not know what to buy me' oh yea sure. Thank you all for visiting and you phone calls, Jacquie a granddaughter sent a card and Joe a grandson called.  Hope you enjoyed this blog page.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one  of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.

Frank and family
Jacquie and husband GB
Sandy and husband, 

Joe Evans
Lenora, daughter

Could not leave with out a picture of my yard creatures.

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