Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Sunshine Award

The rules of the Sunshine Blog Award are simple…
Thank you Charlotte for giving me this award.
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Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite animal: dog

Favorite number:7

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Root beer

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My passion: gardening
Favorite flower: Gladiola

Favorite Movie or Book: Time to kill
Favorite painting: A Young Girl Reading, or The Reader (French: La Liseuse), is an 18th century oil painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

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I went to see my newest great great nephew yesterday took my cameria never took it out of the truck.
Held that baby the whole time I was there enjoyed every minute of it should have gotten at least one picture.  Hope you have enjoyed this page on my blog.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of your own. Happy gardening to you from me,Juanita.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sandy, Walk With me


Today is Sandy Jones' birthday I am sending my best wishes through this blog page.  Hope you have the   best   of everything today. Sandy has two sons, Tyler, Trace and a daughter, Madison.  Two of cutest little grandsons, Ethan and Frank.  Sandy works for a judge, a very good job.  Sandy has always loved people and she meets a lot of them in this job.  A teacher told me once she could not move Sandy to keep her from  talking in class, she would talk to everyone. She loved to socialize.  I just received word that I have a new Great Granddaughter born today on Sandy's birthday.  Joe and Casandra Evans have a new little girl, Sieblee Mae, eight pounds, two ozs, length nineteen and one half inches.

Sandy and husband

Keep you eyes on the roses, you feet on the path, and your nose on the fragance of the air.  EJS


If you, Sandy, came to visit me, I wish you could, this would be on your left side as you drive into my driveway.  Step right up and we will walk through my garden, and smell the roses.  I will show some of the thirty seven rose bushes  blooming out of my  forty roses, three are not blooming yet.

Eureka was my fourth rose bush.  Charlotte bought me one for my birthday and I bought one for myself.  Carrel also has two.  I planted this bush in 2007.


Eureka cluster
Being a florabunda Eureka is not a tall bush and flowers in clusters.  Not all florabundas bloom in clusters but most do.
All American Beauty
The All American Beauty is a bush rose and the first rose I bought.  I past by the little place and turned around and went back.  The lady told me she was saving it for her son, but her husband told her to let me have it.  Not a heavy bloomer, but I like the color.  I planted it in 2007.
All American Beauty
Queen Elizabeth

If you said I could only have one rose bush I would have to choose  Queen Elisabeth.  This rose bush is all that I am not, tall, slender and beautiful.  A grandaflora, I planted Queen Elizabeth in July, 2007, bought it at Wal-Mart on summer clearance.
Gold Metal
I planted Gold Metal 2011, it was not a good year for me and my roses. Almost lost  this one did loose one, Plum Passion.  I have never lost one except dry root in August.  Never a good idea to plant dry root in August.  When it gets through blooming I will cut it back again.  The limbs are too small and lanky.  If you cut the length off the limbs will thicken.

Madi Gras
 Madi Gras has several color on it orange, pink,yellow and white.  All blooms are just a little different.  Planted in 2008 ordered from Selmans Nursery, a Weeks rose a grandaflora.

Madi Gras
Fantastic Pink
Carrel planted this bush in his yard many years ago.  The label said it was a tea rose, however it blooms in clusters and it is a wide bush. I think it is a florabunda or a grandaflora.  Carrel dug it up and planted it in our yard because it was not getting enough sun.  It has more blooms today than it had all last summer.

This red rose came free with the house, however it was on the other side of the yard, in shade.  Frank, my son, moved it in July of 2007.  When he moved it all the dirt fell off.  I put one gallon of water on it every day.  Carrel, my neighbor (now my husband)  cut it back, now it had no leaves.  Carrel said it would not live, but it did.

Mrs Murphy, my children's Grandmother had this rose in her yard when I was a child. My daughter, Charlotte, and my son Frank, dug this rose up and both took a piece home.  Frank rooted me one.  I will be seventy six in June, so this is an old rose.  Only blooms once, we keep it cut back.
I do not know the name of this rose, bought it and planted it in 2007. I gave the name Frog Rose because one cool October morning after a night of rain, we found a frog asleep in it.

Ebtide planted in 2009, florabunda, has small blooms and has a lot of flowers in the clusters.  This bush was very shabby at first but we kept cutting back until its limbs were strong.  a great bloomer and don't you smell This is my fragrant corner. 

Ebtide cluster

Sweetness is the name of the next rose,a grandaflora of the year 2009.  My granddaughter Bridget and her family gave me two roses that year for Christmas.  
Bridget gave us another little Rose who is very sweet.  My daughter Charlotte showed me how to do this, I have wanted to fix this Rose in a rose ever since she was born.
Rose in a rose
Kimberlina was the Florabunda of the Year in 2009 and the other rose Bridget and family gave me for Christmas.  Kimberlina is a smaller rose but it bloom heavily all summer.  Thank you for your gifts for my Garden.

Kimberlina clusters

I do not know the name of this rose, it  also came with the house.  Frank moved it and I watered everyday until it put out leaves.  It is a grandaflora and has lots of blooms all summer.
 Cinco De Mayo is the next rose a florabunda, we planted this rose in 2011.  To be a new rose it is doing well.  Cinco De Mayo means Fifth of May Mexico's Independence Day.

Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De Mayo cluster
Cinco De Mayo being a florabunda blooms in clusters.

Sexy Rexy
Sexy Rexy
Sexy Rexy is a pink rose, flourbunda, does but not always, blooms in clusters.  This is the third year for this rose bush, Sexy Rexy has not preformed to my standards so far.  Hope it does better this year.

Sun Bright
Sun Bright is a Mother's Day gift from Debbie in 2008.  Carrel and I wanted roses in front of the house.  We had planted a Dream Come True there so we planted this one by it.  Neither rose did well there, not enough sun.   The next year, we expanded this bed and planted them here.  This is Sun Bright's third year here gets lots of sun and I am well pleased with it.  A grandafloura, a mix of a tea rose and a  flourabunda.  Grows tall like a tea rose, blooms more like a florabunda.

Sun Bright

Dream Come True

Dream Come True is a grandaflora  this is the third year this rose has been here.  We planted it in front of the house did not get enough sun here it gets plenty.

Sandy the next rose is Shock Wave, would you believe yellow?  We planted this one in 2010, two years old and doing great.

Shock Wave
Shock wave
Hi Neighbor
The next rose is one we bought in Tyler Texas, Hi Neighbor,  a florabunda.  I have not been as pleased with this rose as I should be.  This is the third year maybe it will do better.
Hi Neighbor
Thae last rose on this side of the yard is on the arbor, Highway to Heaven a climbing rose, it almost made it to the top in one year.
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                                                                                    Moon Dance

Moon Dance is the only white Rose I have in my Garden.  I  planted it close to the arbor so when the red rose climbed over and down the arbor the Moon Dance would help show it off.  This the second year for the Moon Dance  a  grandaflora that blooms in clusters.
Last but certainly not least we are going to look at one more today.  High to Heaven a red rose that has almost reached the top of the arbor in one year.  We planted this rose in 2011 and we have been very happy with it.
High to Heaven

Sandy let's sit on the bench and rest awhile.   Hope you have enjoyed this blog page, meeting my daughter Sandy and seeing part of my forty roses.  I will put the rest of them on another blog.   Thank you for watching my Garden grow and bloom and  hope  you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.