Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chores for March

                                          The flower is an educated weed.  Luther Burbank

The Mail Man  called and said to meet him out front as he had a  box for me, OH boy flowers.  Let's have a look.  Of course I know what it is, it is Saliva Eveline.    The peanuts we save to go in the bottom of big pots so it does not take so much dirt to fill it, makes it lighter also, saves money on dirt,  garbage bags and I am sure they last in landfills almost forever.  Good looking plants.  I do not live close to a big town, and by the time I drive to Pine Bluff as much as gas is I do better to buy on line.  Parks has a good line of flowers and if one dies they send another one.  I planted these that day.  If last summer a flower was unhappy, move it, just as soon as you can.  Carrel moved several of my plants, two Hydrangeas and Hostas. I thought I had them in the shade but they got too much of the hot mid day sun.  Most of these two plants like shade, morning sun before eleven o'clock is fine and some Hostas will do fine with a little sun.   I cleaned away from my Roses and put banana peels, coffee grounds and topped compost and cow manure mix, newspaper and pine straw around them.  All my Hydrangeas are now on the South side of my yard, The early morning sun only and very little of that.   I may replace one and I have to buy one to go in a back yard flower bed.  A friend gave us two barrels so Carrel planted  Hydrangeas in each and placed one on each side of the french doors in back of my house.  My Grandson and his lovely wife Courtney gave me these two Hydrangeas, they are both blue lace cap.   I have also planted Saliva geggli "Furmans Red."   Not too sure I like these if not I will transplant in October, the month to plant perennials and plant something else there.  Now is the time to cut back your Azaleas if they have stopped blooming and fertilize.  
These two  Hydrangeas are both blue lace cap.  In the back yard Carrel dug up a bunch of day lilies and planted them  all around this bed and put news paper  and pine straw down.  The day lilies are red and the two roses are red  Black Cherry and Frankly Scarlet.  I cut part of my Azaleas off today, some are still blooming. 

In the picture above are  the Hostas Carrel moved this month.  Carrel and I  pulled up all the grass, put down news paper and pin straw  in the bed around the mail box.  I transplanted one of the  Phlox, out of this bed to one of the rose beds where it will have afternoon shade.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this page of my blog.   Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.



  1. When I saw the picture for your blog, I did not know what that was. Now I see it's peanuts.
    I didn't think Saliva geggli "Furmans Red" or any kind of saliva is a perennial.
    Your garden is looking good.

  2. are way ahead of my schedule!! good for you. We still have only buds!!