Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Went shopping

The actual flower is the plants highest fulfillment, and they are not here exclusively for Hebraic, courtly floras and plant geography: they are here first of all for delight.  John Ruskin

We went shopping Saturday, March,17,2012 for flowers, of course.  What else would any flower lover buy between now and May.   Carrel  finally understands you don't just have roses in your yard but try to have many different plants blooming at different times, so you will have color all year.  I really wanted him to buy a red one like mine because they bloom from late November to the end of February, he chose this one and would not listen to his Wife.  He also bought the Debutant like mine.  It is a lovely pink and it looks a little like a carnation.  When it was in bloom I thought about the song "White Sports Coat and a pink Carnation" with Jim Reeves.   Of course I spent the most money as always.  I want my yard to have flowers every inch.
Well maybe not that close, my favorite are  Gladiolas.  A very nice friend from face book sent me some bulbs. I am  going to get out early in the morning and plant them.  I want them to bloom in the summer when everything gets a little dull. I am well pleased that Carrel is finally planting to have flowers all year.  One of my purchases was a Gardenia, they smell so good.  I bought several smaller flowers.  A six pack of Tobacco plants, one red Carnation, and planted most of them around my roses.When I look down in between my roses I want to see flowers and not just pine straw.  We went to our favorite nursery Selmans in Eudora.  I want to plant some bright red Azaleas.  A friend across the empty lot has one in her back yard and I can see it from my door.  I also bought  five purple  cascading petunias, to hang from my Shepperd's hook.   I have ordered the passion flower vine but they have had to put it on back order. I hope I get it soon so it will bloom this summer.  One of my Parks order came in Thursday with ten 'Salvia greggli 'Furmans Red'.  They looked great on their site,  the picture showed a humming bird drinking  nectar.  However unless the flower is bigger than what they were when they arrived, I don't know  how the humming bird will find them.  I was not real happy.  But I need a red flower to put in this bed that will feed the humming birds and draw them to my feeders. I do not want to plant so many annuals.  It is getting a little hard on us in our "golden years.'

This is a tobacco  flower, at least that is what Liz at Selmans told me her Mother called it. They come in red and yellow.                                       
Cascading Petunia
Sheppard's Hook

I want to plant the Passion Flower vine and let it climb up this Sheppards hook.  We were a little early shopping there, as they did not have a lot of flowers but I always go early.  We usually buy Roses but Carrel had the Camellias on his mind.  We will go back in April for roses for Carrel, as he wants two more.  In the picture on the right is the red Tobacco flower.   I hope you have enjoyed this blog page about our shopping trip.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy Gardening to you from me, Juanita.


  1. Your garden is looking great. I want to come see it when your roses are in full bloom. Let me know.

  2. I've planted my seeds you sent. We also planted some more blueberries and a couple of blackberry vines. Ken planted the cedar trees I bought this Christmas by the porch. Fun time...

  3. love your flowers! I love color too. we are having frost tonight so i can't plant any summer flowers yet...but my pansies are beautiful!!

  4. what a lovely blog you have, Juanita, written from the heart. I think your flowering tobacco is Nicotiana alata. I kept pulling out all except white and purple, but it tends to reseed in the colors it chooses.