Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Surprise!!

                            The Amen! of nature is always a flower.  Oliver Wendell Homes Sr.
Same as above, Salmon?
Is this Azalea salmon?  No?   It was last year when I bought it. What happened?   As near as I can figure out we put Aluminum Sulphate on it.  We were putting Iron on them to make the leaves green and Aluminum Sulphate raises the acid and azaleas love acid.   We put it on the Hydrangeas to change color never thought that it might change the color of the Azaleas.  I am hoping it will not change all of them.  I have one in my front called lavender, which is my favorite color.  I hope it was not changed.  You know we learn by trying different things, sometimes it turns out fine sometimes not.  We learn by making mistakes, if this Azalea stays this color fine, if it goes back to salmon, fine.  Now we know no more Aluminum Sulphate on Azaleas.   One year we fertilized them before they bloomed, mistake, new growth very few blooms.  If you read my blog you may learn something not because I am smart but because of my mistakes! Ha!  After awhile I should know quite  a bit because I make a lot of mistakes.  My Camellias are still blooming.  They have been since the end of November.  The ones that have finished blooming you can trim up, fertilize and put iron on them to make the leaves pretty and green.  Transplant any plant that needs to be moved.  Carrel moved a Hydrangea and two roses all are doing good.  Plant Gladiola bulbs in two week intervals from now to May.  We can leave ours in the ground here.
Red Camilla
My red Camellia is a late bloomer, there are different types.  I want the early type, but it is nice to have some blooming now.  I really like this full one.  November through February is when we need blooms more than any other time.   March we have Spring blooms (some of my daffodils and Hyacinths have bloomed) this has been a crazy year.   Usually the roses start in April, it would not surprise me if they bloomed in March.   Some of my Gerber Daises are budding but some bloomed just about all winter.

Old Iris
Carrel moved these Irises out of his flower bed and planted them in my back yard against the fence.  I am going to move some of these to my front flower beds.  They smell good and are neat don't get so heavy they fall down and they bloom earlier than the others I have.  I also need dark purple in the front beds.   It is a while before any of the others bloom.
Red with yellow
Red with yellow
Does this Daffodil look pink?  I order pink, they said they sent me pink.   Brecks is bad about this.  Last summer I ordered one purple Phlox they sent me two, that was nice.   I ordered six mixed Phlox, they sent me twelve, that was nice.  I thought they would send them in the fall in containers.  They sent them in the summer bear root.  All  of them that lived are purple.  Some one there can not read.  I am going to call them about these daffodils, and order any thing that matters what color it is from Parks seed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog page.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening  to you from me. Juanita


  1. Wowee!!! I hope you don't count me as one of your mistakes! But it's ok, cause I'm a great bloomer!!!! Love you!

    1. Yes, a blooming idiot. Sorry I couldn't resist the setup you did for me. If you were a mistake, Mother repeated it 4 more times.

  2. No Deb you were plan I was delight to fine you are very smart. Mother

  3. That is a beautiful pink or red azalea.