Friday, June 22, 2012

Living the Golden Years

I do not know what fool started this saying  The Golden Years whoever said it must have been in his twenties, had to be a man, a woman would have been too vain.  We know gray hair and expression line are more prominent, during these years.  We have to make every dollar count, and this is Golden?  You loose things, like your hearing, a hearing aid is two thousand six hundred dollars and some few cents, now this is Golden.  Carrel bought mine, instead of an engagement ring, was this Golden?  I did not have to have but one, had a Tumur in the other ear, I guess this turned out to be Golden!  Missy, our dog got my hearing aid, thought it was a nut and she crack it.  This is something else about  the "The Golden Years" you forget things.  When I went to bed I forgot to put the hearing aid  up.  I had left it  on the night stand.  Missy thought "Oh boy I found a nut."   Unlike my teeth the hearing aid had a three year guarantee.  We took the aid back to the man and he fixed it while we waited, at no cost.  Some people like to please.  Now this is Golden! Your teeth are bound to go, I pay my last payment in July, one year no interest, these are Golden!  Now I have to find someone to redo them, because they never did fit. Tried to tell the dentist they were too big, he would not listen. So I will not use him any more, money going out the door, is this Golden?  But when I smile, if I have them glued in good, they look GOOD, now this Golden.  I would not want any of you readers to think for one minute that I am not happy with My Golden Years,  because I am.  I am reasonably  healthy, have lots of time to work in my garden.  At least I have enough of my mind left to write a blog, that I enjoy.  Thank God for My Golden Years.  I got off the track a little.  I started to write this blog to tell you about our trip to Greenville Miss. each month.   Carrel, my husband, dips snuff.  I know a bad habit, however I may have one or two.   When Washington decided to place a fifty cent sin   tax on all tobacco products, that already had enough sin tax on them to keep the whole nation out of Hell, if money would do it.   The state of opportunity Arkansas, decided we were really sinful so they put another fifty cent on each can of snuff and pack of cigarettes.  Now if you think for one minute, if you get over one hundred four dollars a month and you get cancer from this bad habit the state is going to give you one dollar of you sin tax back to help you pay your bill, you are wrong.   So since Mississippi does not have the extra sin tax, I guess they know it won't do anything but take money out of the poor peoples pockets, we buy snuff there.  While we are there we buy groceries and fill up our truck.  Gas in Lake Village Ar. was three dollars and twenty cents, in Greenville two dollars and ninety nine cents the same gas company.  That alone pays for our trip plus fifty cents less per can of snuff, he bought twenty cans, Ten Dollars less.  Not only that Arkansas has a sals tax  of eleven to fourteen cents depends on where you are, what sin did we commit to have to pay that much.  Mississippi has seven cents.   I love Arkansas but living in the Golden Years  we need our money more than the state of Arkansas, I think it was greed.  If I had not moved to Arkansas I would not have my home and Carrel, he is worth it all . Thank you Lord.  I hope I have not offended anyone with this blog, I will not write many like this, I like my garden blogs, I just hate greed in government.  Thank you for reading my blog pages and watching my garden grow and bloom.  Hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from  Carrel and I, Juanita.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mystery Plant

Rudbeckia, Goldilocks
I have been watching this plant grow.  I planted two of the same kind last year and planted them close together in the front of my biggest rose bed.  I was sure both of them were dead, however one lived.  I called it the mystery plant because I could not believe it had lived, the other one did die.  Unlike a cousin, Rudbeckia Gold Strum, the Gloriosa Daisy is not as hardy, nor does it multiply as quickly.  I also planted two Rudbeckia Gloriosa Daisies, Rustic Colors.  Goldilocks is much taller than the others also.  Rustic Colors and Gold Strum are single flowers and Goldilocks are very doubled.  The only thing bad about the Gloriosa Daisy is it has to be tied up, the wind will blow it down.  The Rudbeckia are often called Black eyed Susans and Cone Flowers they are in the same family as the Echinacea.  There are more than thirty different species.  I have four, of the four I have the Gold Strum is the only one that I think is invasive, I have to keep it pulled up, likes dry soil, the others like moist ground.  The Gloriosa Daisy blooms longer, cut them back and they will bloom until fall.  The Gold Strum blooms with only one stem per plant, it also multiplies by root as well as seed.  I planted my Echinacea beside the Gold Strum, they are gone the Gold Strum took over.  I had to buy more Echinacea and plant them far away.
  I have told you before I do not like to pick my flowers.  They live much longer on the vine, and others can see them.  However Carrel likes flowers on the table.   I thought about making this arrangement in the middle of the night.  So I got out early this morning and picked eight different flowers.  I know it does not look professional, but who cares Carrel was very pleased, but could hardly believe it.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the Rudbeckias and like my arrangement.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and will grow one of you own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.

I know this is not a Daisy, however it is one of my favorite roses, All American Beauty.