Friday, November 23, 2012


October is the month, when little ghost come to the door and trick or treat the good witch, of the house for candy.  Also it is time to shop for Mums.  I do not know how many I planted, still have not counted them.  When you buy remember you do not know when the ones that are in full bloom began to bloom.  They have a blooming time off about three weeks.  I bought my whites and yellow ones fully opened, they only lasted about a week.  However I wanted these colors and she had none other, now they are gone.
Most of the others are still blooming well, so I have a lot of color in November,and some ugly stems.  However there will be next year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Iris

This Iris has always bloom in November, so I call it my Thanksgiving Iris.  This year, however it was my Halloween Iris.  I was glad to see it open up on October Thirty First this year.  Last year when I went to Tyler, Texas.  I pick it and took it first to Shreveport, La.  We go to Charlotte's then go to Johnnie's, both families saw my Thanksgiving Iris.  No, this Iris  has not got the time of year mixed up.  It is a rebloomer and
Inside of an Iris
should bloom three times a year, spring, summer, and fall.  I have several of this kind, however most bloom only in the spring.  I have learned a few things about Irises, do not over water.  I do not like a bed with just Irises.  I plant mine inside my rose beds.  This does create a problem, roses need more water than Irises.  I have lost some of my because of over watering.  Next year I will plant them differently.  I will plant them in pots in the ground with the lip of the pot above ground  when I water the beds the water will not get on the Irises.  I will water them only once a week.  Also plant Iris crowns above ground. I like the inside of the Iris, I always take a picture of the inside.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my Thanksgiving Iris that the witch brought.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you grow one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I, Juanita.

 The cat smelling the witch who brought the Iris.

 The Halloween witch who brought the  Thanksgiving Iris.

 My hair dresser and friend, Evon Jones, also made this  witch.

 I am buying fourteen of these, for my children and grandchildren who are on their own. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Faces of Pansies

I have not blogged lately, sorry, it was so dry and  hot.  Things just did not go well in late summer.  I am making a change in my yard I hope for the better. We will see.  Instead of planting pansies in a flower bed I have used my new pots.  My hair dresser made these plant stands, of course she calls them bird baths.  I do not always do things like everyone else. I turned them up side down, to make plant stands. They work beautifully.  Evon Jones, my hair dresser, in McGhee Ar. in her spare time  makes things out of gourds and makes these birds baths, or pot plant holders.  I love pansies however they do not make as big show as they do in pots.  These white pots I am using, were in Carrel's back yard. I  washed them and planted plants.  Saved money by recycling from his house to mine.
Pansies and Dusty Miller


 I have always loved the different faces of pansies.
Sweet face

I think this one is the prettiest.  Such a sweet face it also is one that drapes down, so it will flow over the pot.


This one is my favorite one that I bought.  Very small it also drapes.   I could not afford to make a full pot of these or I would have.
Humming birds likes them also.   Just teasing.  My daughter Debbie knows I love humming birds so she gave me the pot pick.

This plant holder is inside  my flower bed.  I planted flowers in the middle of my roses the bulbs were fine, however  some of the plants were not.  They may not have gotten enough sun, could have been to much water, whatever.  Next year I will buy pots and holders to place there.  I  may just plant annuals  in the pots.

This hanging is just outside our reading room window so I can see something pretty.

This is the center pot in the picture at the top of this page.  I have the cute little blue ones that I said was my favorite.

I almost forgot to tell you about this.  Carrel let down his truck tail gate so I could fill my pots then he carted them to their places.  Saves  my back.  

I hope you have enjoyed this blog page about the faces of pansies.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom.  Hope you are growing one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I,  Juanita.