Friday, November 23, 2012


October is the month, when little ghost come to the door and trick or treat the good witch, of the house for candy.  Also it is time to shop for Mums.  I do not know how many I planted, still have not counted them.  When you buy remember you do not know when the ones that are in full bloom began to bloom.  They have a blooming time off about three weeks.  I bought my whites and yellow ones fully opened, they only lasted about a week.  However I wanted these colors and she had none other, now they are gone.
Most of the others are still blooming well, so I have a lot of color in November,and some ugly stems.  However there will be next year.

The one that has already bloomed out was white,  the lavender one was marked pearl, but as you can see it is not.  Liz, the owner of Selman's nursery bought lots of these for a wedding, found out when they bloomed they were lavender.  I do not know what they did about it.  This is one draw back to buying in the bud. You need to buy them when a little color is showing.  Most of mine are still blooming.

  Some of the Cock's combs did get big but most were not.  They bloom so pretty in October.

I was surprised to see this Clematis rebloom in October.  It is a very light lavender and very full.

Still had a Day Lily bloomering in October.  I like rebloomers.

The mum blooming had two different colors in it, never had that before.  Carrel is getting down with the job.

I did not thin these out much.  You can see this bed had some weeds.  We fought them all summer.  I will put down newspaper in this bed next year.   Newspaper keeps the weeds out.

Just as I was taking this picture a petal fell from the rose above, I thought that was neat.

These were really pretty, but they were not with me long.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog page on October.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.

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