Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pots of Pansies

Every year about this time my spring pots are about worn out.  Time for the Pansies.  I thought the pot above   was very interesting.  I planted three Trailing Pansies around the top and the middle row of  holes. There are three regular  Pansies in the bottom row   Carrel climbed on his short latter and just as he hung it and let go I say "I bet it falls" Yes it did dirt flew as well as plants.  Carrel searched for a larger hook finally found one.  This one held but we decided we would need even a bigger one so when Carrel went back to Wall- Mart he bought  one. This pot must weight at least forty pounds.

The blue holder stays  behind the mail box,  like to put a smile on my lady Mail Carrier's  I plant a renew it every season.Everyone going to my neighbors or coming here are greeted by this pot on the blue stand with Butterflies.  It sure will match my theme for my new garden A Butterfly Garden.

These two are in front of my windows.  Usually I try to match these two, however this time I wanted opposites. Light and dark large and small.


 Carrel likes this location best and when I start redoing the pots he asks me over and\ over if I am doing one for this location.  Guess I should do this one first.  I was surprised he even washed this pot holder.

   A bird bath turn into a planter. I need to plant another Pansy in  this pot,   white with a purple face.  Hope you have enjoyed reading another blog page.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom,  hope you have one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I.    Juanita