Monday, January 20, 2014

Blooms of October

Witching time

I know I am late with this blog but I have  flowers that need to be shown.  I  had a lot of trouble with medicine back then.   I wanted to show October blooms this year even though I was not happy with some of my roses.  This witch was painted on a gourd.  Too pretty to scare any one.   Betsy  is about three foot tall. In my arrangement I have Vavoom, Ebtide,  Moon Dance, and Three Gerber Daisies. My friend and hair dresser Evon Jones makes these and all the flower pot stands that I have.
  Pretty face.  She made this round face look like she really has a fat face.

Betsy is guarding the white mums.  Theses really really put on a show this year.


Vavoom was a good bloomer in October, it has not failed me yet.

The Gold Metal did fair all summer, being a grandaflora.
It grew tall and only had clusters once in a while.   Grandafloras are a combination of Tea and Florabundas.  the tea rose is stronger in some.


Moon dance was the best bloomer in October but not all summer.  The blooms are a lot smaller in the hot summer.

Both of mine and Carrel Eurekas looked like they were died.  I cut both of mine down to the main canes.  Carrel said that was too much to cut them in July, but when mine started putting back out he cut his back.   All four of ours did well in October.

       My Gerber Daises did well all summer.  They bloom off and on all winter unless we get snow.  They are in a good place.  I can not over water.   This is one flower that does not want a lot of TLD.  Mostly it likes to be left alone.  I planted these in two eight foot beds joined  under three pine trees.  The beds are four timbers high, good drainage, which is what they like.  They get a lot of morning an afternoon sun.  The only shade is when the sun is straight over head.  I planted pink and yellow in one bed and yellow and red  in the other one.  They did very well in October.  Bees like Gerber Daisies almost as much as I do.


This is Sasanka starts to bloom in October and is still blooming.  I hope to plant more of these.  I have been trying to write this blog for three or four months.  I was beginning to believe I would have to take my computer in for repair however today I get to finish.

Thank you for reading this blog page and watching my garden grow and bloom.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.