Saturday, December 3, 2016

Miss Muffett.

Miss Muffett
Let me introduce you to Miss Muffett.  One night in October Debbie and Ken of 2015  brought this little bitty very pretty Kitten.  My older cat Calico had been killed by a dog,  everyone needs a cat,  like they need a hole in their head.  Cats are inquisitive, active, and full of mischief some like Muffett,  more so. 

In this picture Miss Muffett is on her Throne she intends to jump up on my entertainment center and see what she can destroy
to save me some dusting.  In the first picture she is looking at me because I have the gal to tell her to get down.  k,,,,,,kllllllll  The Miss just walked across the keys of my computer.  She picked up an old spool of thread to play with. When Carrel holds his hand up like a traffic cop she sat there and looks around hoping we have forgot to watch.  She does not look us  any more.  Not until Carrel lets down the foot prop to get up does she get down.   This is our reading room you can see the library books.

 Now tired of us bossing her,  she lays down to rest from these mean old people.  I do not know if this is a "I will do that later or I hope you are ashamed of yourself" look. It could be you know which one of us will win.

.This is my chair, when I am in the sewing room on the computer however when she likes to sleep there.

Missy is glad she can have Daddy by himself.  Missy hopes she will sleep awhile.
This is the worst trick she has done.  I was scared she was going to break all of my cows I have left after saving them for nearly 30 years. I gave away a lot of them.
We knew we would not convenience Muffett not to jump up on top of the refrigerator,  so
Carrel removed the cows.  My Grandson Sean, painted the sunflower picture.  I am very proud of it  Debbie put up the boarder in my kitchen. You know she doesn't have any thing else to do.  Thanks Debbie bless her heart she is really the busiest Lady I know.

    I hope you have enjoyed this new page on my blog.  Thank you for reading it and keeping in touch.  I hope you have a nice winter and our gardens will give us and the butterflies lots of pleasure next year.  Happy Gardening to you from Carrel and I.  Juanita