Thursday, June 27, 2013

And now the Rest of the Lilies

 A lily a day is a  Day Lily

My daughter Charlotte came to see me in June in 2007, and we went to a Day Lily Farm.  Edna, my Sunday School teacher, raises Day Lilies not to far from me.  I bought three.  A dark yellow and a lighter one the  with a tan edging.  The light one with the tan edging died.  These are large and beautiful, multiply fast, however when they finish the seson they are gone to bloom no more until next year.

This was my very first reblooming Day Lily.  When I saw that they really did rebloom all summer until frost. That is what I wanted.  I had bought others some rebloom some did not.  However I see no need in buying any other kind now.  I will mark the non rebloomers and not move them to other places.  When I have to thin out, I will give them away.  Now when I buy I only buy rebloomer unless it is extraordinary and I do not have it.

I bought only two of these in 2008.  Over the years I have divided them and spread them around this 5x8 bed.  I divided them just as soon as Spring began, because I knew what was there. Most places start selling them in May because that is when they start to bloom.  You may not get a bloom until the next year, they have to know what they are sending you.  They cut off the stems.  When I dig mine up, if I know what they are, I do it when they first appear in the spring.  They usually bloom the same spring.  I take pictures and use picasa as a map.  You can drag your pictures around and know what is in each bed and then you can divide in early Spring.

I hope this is a rebloomer I am going to map this one in a file all it's own.  In the spring plant it in a place to it's self, where right now I do not know.  I can not make a new bed because I promised Carrel if he would build one more I would not ask for another one.  I may start buying bricks, then I can build them IF he will only tiller it.  I really do not want grass at all, however it does make a good back ground for flowers.   Without some grass as a divider it would look like a jungle.  That is why I like built up beds.  I like high beds because we have wet winters and a lot of root rot.  I lost a lot of my Asiatic Lilies.
 These are not rebloomers I have them all around two red beds.   Wherever I bought them they called the color red.  Really they look dark orange to me.  Colors are not always what they say they are.  These I will start giving away.

 They over filled the back yard so this was empty ,and I have not found anything that I want here so the over flow has a home for now.

 This is more red again not a rebloomer.  I will keep this until I can find a red rebloomer. They are at the end of this bed.

 I do not know weather this is a rebloomer most of mine are not.

In the fall I am moving this one to the orange bed, with my rose the VaVoom.

A gift from Paxton rebloomer.

I watched this last year and was glad to see it was a rebloomer.  I ordered 10 from Grady's Day lily farm 2011 and this was one.

A gift from Paxton rebloomer

                                                      A gift from Paxton rebloomer


I am going to move this one to the walk and put a rebloomer here.  This one is on the very front of the big bed.  I want a rebloomer here.

This is a real old day lily.  I have it in my orange bed.  Multiplies to fast.  Most lilies multiply close together this one send out roots from the main plant.  I will only have one here.

  This is a new one I planted last year.  I hope it reblooms.  This is in my Orange bed on the front so if it is not a rebloomer, I will move it when I
find and orange rebloomer. 

This was my first rebloomer planted in 2008.  I bought this at Selman's Nursery.  We divied it and over half went into Carrels bed.

This on will be moved also to the orange bed.

This is the reddest one I have, I hope it is a rebloomer.

This is almost the same color as my rose, Ebtide.  I will move it in the fall and plant it in front of it.  I had to wait for this one to bloom so I could get a picture to finish this blog page.  It is a late bloomer. 

I love Day Lilies.  They will bloom in part shade and full sun.  Day lilies will multiply quickly you can share with your friends.  Good in places where there is not much rain.  I will be giving some away.  Watch and I will announce when on my blog.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my Day lilies and will plant some of your own.  I thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of you own.  Happy gardening to you from carrel and I. Juuanita.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Lily Time

A garden with out a Lily is just plain silly.

This is the room where most of our Lilies reside.  We have Day Lilies. Asiatics Lilies, and an Easter Lily.  I will not be able to tell you the names of all the lilies.   I buy on line from Break, Smoley's day lily farm, and some were gifts from Jackson and Perkins.  I buy Asiatic Lilies in the fall they ship early spring.  There are early, mid, and late.   Let the show begin.

 This is a short lily and the very first to bloom.  You need to know if they are early, mid, or late.  This is an Asiatic lily.  Most have more than one bloom.  After they bloom cut back their stems, they do not look bad in the bed.  I took this picture on May 2, 2013.

This one is planted in front of the day lilies, an early one, not quiet knee high.  This was my first lily to buy in May, 2007. I was in Wal-Mart around Mother's Day, and they had a big display of Asiatic lilies.  Yellow and pink are my favorite colors. This picture was taken  May, 10, 2013.  Multiplies well, divide in October or November.   We divided this in 2011 had enough to plant in two places in this room and in front of Carrel's bed, He got most of them.

  I love my roses, however a garden should be more than roses.  I planted my Asiatic Lilies in the middle of my rose beds.  I had a hard time conversing Carrel to plant more than roses.  He never listens to me, and I am always right Men!!!  Here is a picture of his rose bed now.  Finally!! I will do a blog page on his bed.

This picture was taken on May, 13, 2013.  Still blooming.

   I bought this lily in 2009.  When you buy from Breck they send  three lilies to a pack.  I planted these in my orange rose bed.  They multiplied quickly.   We divided them in 20011.  We will have to divide some of these again in the fall.   Next blog will be Carrel,s yard.

This one being pink is one of my favorites.



Debbie gave me this 2009 I love it.
I have one more Asiatic yellow lily I will show it with the day lilies. It is a late bloomer.
I hope you have enjoyed my page about Lilies.  You need all kind of flower in you garden.  You will need flowers that bloom  at different times.  Thank you for watching our garden bloom and grow.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.