Tuesday, August 2, 2016



If I plant this in zone 8 will it be a shrub or just a plant?

\I saw it growing in the big garden in Huston Texas,  it looked like just a flower, I have wanted one every since.  Such a pretty blue.  Our roses are all just about died.  In 2014 5 died, in 2015 some more,  now the ones that remain look awful.  Can not stand anymore.  They took some kind of virus and slowly all the others  are dying.

Now we have to redo most of it.  I would like suggestions of plants that grow as tall and as wide as roses and bloom most of the summer  Or garden accessories.  I will show you a picture of one I have  and what I have planned for it.  My goal is to make arrangements in each section of my yard.  I will  place small rocks in the bottom to make my pot level.  It is not deep enough to plant in with out a pot.  This birdbath will go were we dig up a rose. 


  The Plumbago will be planted on both sides of the bird bath one each.  In front and back we will plant  Shasta Daisies and in the bird bath will be the red flowers you see with the Plumbago on both sides.  Not only am I changing from rose to other things my color will be deferent also. When I finish this I will show you  I will transplant from stock in my yard the Shasta Daisies in the spring.  That is the best to transplant here.

We have begun.  Carrel dug up a red running roes from the arbor.  I never did like that rose.  It bloomed only on top.
I have two Clematis vines.  May plant another one. 


 Carrel came in and told me the blue plant has more blooms one it today.  

I hope will be pleased with this plant and won't have to treat it as annual.  I will give you up dates on our progress.  I am 80 now and can not be planting the same plant every year.

I hope you have enjoyed this page I think everything will be fine.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom.  I hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I.

This is the moss I will plant in the bird bath.  the colors in this area will be red white and blue.