Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surprise Visit

Debbie and her new red car
Ken and Debbie
I received a phone call Easter morning from one of my wonderful Sons-in-law asking if we were busy.  Ken has always said Debbie had to see her mother from time to time.  Today if we were not busy and going to be at home He and Debbie were coming to visit.  I will be more than happy to see you both.  Ken sorta grew up with us. He was just a strapping big ole kid when He and Debbie married.  We love him and I know He loves all of us.   They arrived in a new  bright red car, beautiful.  Debbie was hoping she came at the right time to see my yard all in bloom.  It has come alive.  When Debbie came into the house,  she said Carrel's yard was the pretties.  I knew she just wanted to get a fuss out of me, and she did.  Of course I helped Carrel in his yard, and I am very proud  of what he has done in it.  When you turn off Trotter on to Circle this is what you see.  From left to right Eureka, Play Boy, and Moon Dance not only roses you see he has Day lilies and Asiatic lilies.  It has taken me from 2008 until last fall to get him to plant something in this bed besides Roses.  This bed is eight feet by 40 and he has another bed on the end that is not enclosed.  When we look at flowers Cally our cat, Ken and Debbie gave me, has to follow along.
Carrel's rose bed
Debbie comes in with a basket full of goodies,  Easter, Valentine candy and one of my favorites Circus Peanuts lots of sugar no fat.  I have the theory fat makes you fat sugar gives you energy. That is the way I have always lost weight by counting fat grams, eating no more than twenty a day.  Everyone tells me it is calories.  I can count up to twenty in my head but not twelve hundred.  A beautiful Orchid was also in the basket and I love the basket.  Ken came in holding  a pot with an Easter lily, Carrel planted it in the garden room and I can see it when I sit on my bench.

The Orchid
Basket with all kinds of goodies.
                         Easter Lily
When they called we got busy fixing lunch.  I got the electric skillet out and started the roast.  Carrel washed and cut potatoes in quarters and went to the grocery store and bought baby carrots.  When Debbie and Ken arrived we had lunch ready.  We ate and they seemed to enjoy their meal.  Debbie wanted a tour of my yard and this is some of what she saw.  The  red rose climbing the arbor is Highway to Heaven.  We planted it last spring.  Debbie, Ken, Tafta, and Matt gave me the arbor for my birthday in 2009, I am well pleased and it is the ideal opening to my garden room.

This Rhododendron was my Christmas present from Carrel.  I read in Garden Gate that Rhododendrons like sun part shade, that is not what the tag on this plant said.  Shade with a little morning sun is alright.  I will know after this summer.
Charlotte gave me the Iris it does not need staking.  Thank you Charlotte.
Christmas present from Charlotte
This is a good blooming Iris compliments of Charlotte


I hope you have enjoyed meeting Debbie and Ken. Thank you for watching my grow and bloom and you will grow one of your own. Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.


  1. Carrels's roses are nice. I really like the two toned iris near the end.
    So nice to meet your Debbie and Ken. Pretty new car too.
    Sounds like spring is being good to you!

    1. Thanks for your comment yes spring has been good

  2. I just nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Check it out at Charlotte's Menagerie.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love Debbie's car. I got to drive it. You did? I'll see you and your garden tomorrow.

  4. We really enjoyed our visit! The roses are BEAUTIFUL, but I KNOW I'm still your favorite flower! LOL

    1. I loved haveing you and Ken made a better daylove girl one of my viewers boys wants your car.

  5. your flowers are gorgeous!! wow..the colors are amazing...must make you happy!!
    my boys want that red car!!
    have a great week.

    1. Thank you for your comment that is just what your boys need.

  6. Thanks mom!!! That was so pretty awesome flowers!!!!