Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Joe Evans

Freedom is not free.  It takes young men willing to fight for their country.  Let us Salute them today.  Thank them for what they have done.  Joe Evans, Trinity Edwards and Tyler Cranor went to war from my family.    
I met Joe in July of 1982.  I was married to Don Carter at the time.  We lived in Ashdown, Ar., ran a bait shop on hwy. 32, close to Millwood Lake.  Don was driving a log truck, I ran the store along with a little help from my baby, Sandy. The Corner Store was open 7 days a week no less than 12 hours a day.   We were short on time and money, that is why I did not meet Joe Evans sooner.  I had a long, hard week, so I was laying down taking a rest.  It was on a Saturday, Don was watching the store.  Sandy runs in and said "Mama someone drove up and put a Baby on the gas pump and drove off."  I opened one eye and one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen laid beside me.  I said "Sandy I can not raise a baby even though I would love to keep this pretty baby.  We will have to call the Sheriff.  It is against the law to leave a Baby."  By this time I was wide awake.  I hear my daughter Debbie say "She does not even know her own Grand child."  Now really.  They had not let me know they were coming.  They had been to Hot Springs on a mini vacation and stop by.  They had no doubt I would be there.  Joe was born May 29,1982.  He was the baby.  His Mother, Debbie still calls him "Baby Joe."  Now Really!  Debbie and Ken Evans blessed me with 4 wonderful Grandchildren, Jonathan,Tafta, Ben and Joe.  Joe was always a sweet child, but like his Mother, and Carrel says his Grandmother, was full of mischief. Very smart I was impressed with him.  When I went down to their house to visit, Debbie took us to the Library she would get Joe books with tapes.  This little boy would sit and listen to the tapes, and then read the books to me.  Once Ken and Debbie went to Florida to a Billy Graham conference.  I stayed with the 4 children. We cleaned house.  I told them do not put any thing down on the floor.  Put it up where it belongs.  I walked into the boys room a jacket was on the floor.  Whose jacket is this on the floor.  Ben's, was the answer ( I think Joe answered).  So to my sorrow Ben got the spanking.  When I found out Joe wore it and threw it down.  Guess what? Joe got one also.           
Ben and Joe
Joe grew up made really good grades all through school without too much effort.  Joe is more like Debbie I think than Ken.  I went down from time to time watched them play football, helped wash dishes.  Debbie and Ken taught them all to work.  I think after he come to realized he could not sell his teeth, for money he had to work to get it.  He had a better understanding of life. 
Joe in a play at St. Marys
Joe went to college to be a nurse on a scholarship from the National Guard.  When they called up the National Guard his unit was called.  We  hated to see him go he was almost finished with nursing school.      
Pinning his wife Casondra

Sweet Baby Joe

Joe and Casondra

Sadee and Sophee Evans

Joe is a Husband, a Father, a Son, and a wonderful Grandson.  He was the only Grandson to come to my 75th birthday party, thank you Joe.  Everyone was busy that day.  He calls me Miss Juanita. Don't you think that is sweet (remember mischief); however his sweet wife calls me Grandma.  Thank you Casondra.  Both Joe and Casondra are devoted to God and are bringing up their two little girls to love the Lord.  I thank God for this family I have been blessed.  So forgive me for not Blogging your birthday I wanted to honor you today.  Thank you for going to Iraq to help keep our country free.  I salute you. Miss Juanita

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