Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Friday's Guest


I was delighted to see Debbie and Lenora come to see me on Good Friday.  Debbie always comes        some where around Easter.  She always brings me something.  When they were young I always gave them something on every holiday, now I am on the receiving end.  The stain glass window above was one of the gifts.  Debbie created this window, at the very top she wrote "Will the circle be unbroken".  J for Juanita S for Carrel Sheffield C for Charlotte, D for Debbie, L for Lenora, F for Frank, E for Elizabeth, S for Sandy.  I pray our circle will not be unbroken. I really had a hard time taking this picture.  I must have taken 20 never got one completely level, even with the lines on my camera.  Taking pictures of flowers or anything else besides a window does not really matter, this was hard.  I could not use a flash, it reflected off of the window.  This was the best one.  Thank you Debbie, now Calli will not scare me jumping on the window.   This was the second visit for Lenora this month.  Debbie wanted to take us out for lunch, however I am always prepared now,  with a meal from Schwans.  I like to sit around my table and talk and laugh when I have company.  Debbie also brought us a basket of goodies, I shard with Carrel.

Carrel Debbie and Lenora 
We had a very nice visit.  We walked around in my yard such as it is right now.  We still do not have it cleaned up.  Below are some of the flowers we saw.

Pink Hyacinths

Pink Gerber Daisies

Purple Hyacinths

Pots of Pansies

Pink Camellia

Purple Iris

Red Camilla

Another red Camilla

I love to see them come.  They are all busy, Debbie is Regional Directer of the Tops.  She just came from a State  convention.  She told me where but I forgot.  I hate to see them leave, I instantly get down.  Debbie and Lenora leaving in her little red car, we are saying goodbye.
Driving away.
 These were some more visitors that Friday.

Today is another cold rainy day.  I wanted to go to Eudora today and look for flowers but I would not enjoy walking in the rain.  Maybe tomorrow, if the good Lord be willing.
These are more daffodils, we have some more that will bloom later.  My Azaleas are beginning to bloom.

I hope you have enjoyed this new page of my Blog.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you will plant one of your own.  Still have no rose buds.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.

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