Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Round To It

Carrel has finally gotten around to it.  What?  Making my 2ft. bed around the water pipe in my front yard.  When you ask your husband when he is going to do some chore on your Honey Do list does he say "when I get around to it?"  I worked at a Big Star in Ashdown Ar. wrapping meat in the late 80s.   My boss was Don Baker.  I told him every time I ask my husband to make a new flower bed he would say " Sure when I get a round to it"?  He told me of a company name Tu It.  Their calling card was a thin circle of wood about the size of a quarter with "Tu It" stamped on it.  Mr Baker said he would bring me one for hubby.  The next time my husband came in he gave him the round tu it and said now you have one.  We all  got a big laugh.

 This one has been really hard to build because it is so short.  He had to clamp it down to the saw horses to cut the 4x2 inch strip. Then  he sat down on the ground to chisel out the 4x2 inch strip.
He drills a hole so it won't be so hard to drive a nail  threw the two timbers.

                                                                         Then he nails the two timber together.  You can see in the back ground the pipe he will put the bed around.


 Carrel builds five squares of timbers and place each one around the pipe.

 When Carrel has placed the timbers around the pipe, to make sure the pipe won't move and break he screws what he calls a horse shoe clamp on the pipe.
It is finish ready for spring flowers.   This bed is in full sun nearly all day.  I have been thinking about planting  a Butterfly bush in this bed.  I will wait until they bloom to plant it.

Cleaning up.

                                               What is blooming now?


    This is a King Alford Daffodil, holds it's cup up and the saucer is bigger than most.

 I have two of these and I love them.  They are always pretty.

A little rusty around the outer pedals but still pretty.  Debutant, such a pretty pink.

 Red Hyacinths, really hot pink.

 We have two of these.

 A ground coversmall buds here to grow.  I will move them in the fall.
that has tall blue flowers in early spring.  They are not fully opened yet.  Notice the lilies growing. Carrel put a lot of

Some of my purple Hyacinths are still blooming.  It is really cold out so I did not stay out long.

A couple of my pink Gerber Daisies  are blooming


Some of my pots are still looking good.  The hail messed up some of them.

Still have my purple Iris blooming.  I am going to move some of these and plant them by my walk out front, these are in the back yard.  I still do not have a bud on any of my roses.

  I hope you have enjoyed this page in my blog.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you will grow on of your own.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.

This is the hail that hit here a day or two after Carrel finished the small flower bed.

Charlotte found this and sent it to me.  I try Google with no result. Thank you Charlotte.  This is different from the one he had but you get the meaning.



  1. I cringed at the hail! You have so many blooms already. That flower planter is great. He did a great job. Enjoy your new planting space.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I saw some of you pictures on P albums nice.

  3. I love that bed. He did a great job. Don't you know that when a man says he will do something, there is no need to nag him every 6 months about it ;)

  4. This planter is GREAT! This is a great way to hide those ugly pipes or something on your lawn. Going to have to build some of these.

    1. Thanks for visiting this page of my blog. These are hard for him, he does them quickly. when he finally gets "Around-to-it.