Sunday, April 14, 2013

The First Rose of 2013

The Ebtide is our first rose for 2013.  It is a lot darker than the camera shows.  Carrel and I have a contest' secretly, who will have the first rose.  In the yard we now live we have thirty nine  roses.  In Carrel's old yard we have thirty seven.  We watch closely to see which yard has the first bloom.  This one is in mine.  I need to look back on my flash drives for earlier years.

Play boy was the first bloom for 2012.  Play Boy  is in Carrel yard . 

This was the first rose of 2011.  I call this Frankie rose because he built this bed, Bed A, in 2007.  Frankie moved two  roses  in July of 2007.  Carrel, was my neighbor now my husband, said it would not live.  However you can see it did.  You can root  or move roses any time if you water everyday the secret is to keep them wet.  I failed to tell my readers the following were blooming on April,09,2012 none of these are blooming now.  I am looking back to see how far behind we are compared to  last year, sorry.  We are about three weeks behind because of the cold weather.

View of roses A Bed

Frog rose

Charlotte gave me this rose.

 This is the other rose that in my yard when I moved there.  After Frank, my son, made this bed he Moved it in 2007.

Charlotte gave me this Iris 2010.  Last summer the soaker hose  had a link and soaked this Iris and it rotted I have one piece of it.  Iris do not like to be too wet.

Dream Come True

Dream Come True bush


 This lily has just came.  It does not even have a bud.

Madi Gras

Moon Dance

Sun Bright
 Debbie gave me this rose in 2008 for Mother's Day.
Running rose Highway to Heven

All American Beauty
Cinco Demayo

Cinnamon Twist

Black Cheery


My Granddaughter Bridget gave me this and Kimbalina in 2008.  They just keep giving.

Queen Elizabeth

 I knew we were late because the weather was so wet and cold.  Ar. really needed the rain but the cold really slowed everything down.  By this time I always have my yard clean and some things planted.  I went to four nurseries and spent about $300.00 not counting over $100.00 for bulbs we planted the other day from Brecks.  Now I have lots of work to do.  I thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, and hope you will grow one also.   I hope you have enjoyed this blog showing the difference in April 9, 2013 and April 9,2012.  I knew we were late this year but this surprised me.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita. 



  1. My goodness the colors in your garden. So pretty there already.

  2. No, the only one was the first rose of the year Ebtide. It has been very cold I was showing how far behind we are by comparing last year. How ever I did not make it clear. I left out where this year ended. I only have one rose. On April 09,2012 my year was that colorful.

  3. Well it's good Ebtide bloomed first. Beautiful roses. I think I will have my best year for roses this year. You inspire me. I just need a partner like Carrel to help out.

  4. Every woman needs a Carrel. I am one lucky woman. I love your yard. You sure inherited the love of flowers. My next blog is your yard. Thanks for reading this.

  5. What wonderful roses and other flowers you have there in your gardens. Between your two gardens you have quite the collection.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog finally some of my roses are blooming this year. The weather is crazy. We are getting a good rain. We needed it. It had not rained in a week and we had begun to water.