Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning

This was my yard a few days ago.  This is the third day of sunshine but only the first day to be    warm.  Today was a day made for working in the yard.  I put sunscreen on my face, put my jeans on and went out side.  There are things you will need to take out side with you.  Gloves, I cannot stand to get dirt under my nails.  A good pair of clippers to cut dead flowers, by this time my Hyacinths blooms had fallen off.  Do not let the seeds form this takes the strength from  next year's  blooms, leave the leaves alone until they start to die.  They are making next years blooms.  Wear a hat and sunscreen.

As you can see, I have not done this one yet.  I have some to plant in this one also.  Before I go to nurseries I have to make a list.
I cleaned away the pine straw so I could check which Gerber Daisies I would have to replace.  I may have to buy one or two pink ones.
  You can see I have not clean up good.  Still have pine cones in the bed and pine needles on the flowers, however I will get there.

Yellow ones seem to be the toughest.  do not think I will have to buy of these at all.

 I may have to buy some pink ones.  Pink looks tender.

I pull up a lot of spring grass from the cracks of our walk, some of the blocks came up with the grass.

As you can see I have a lot to go.
I have already filled a five gallon bucket full and almost got this two gallon one full.  When I get through we will mop the cracks with weed killer.
 That was just from the walk.  I stopped counting buckets.

 This is the beginning of bed A.  This is the biggest bed I have. It is at its widest nearly ten feet and about sixty feet long.  A lot of grass was in this bed.  You can see my broom at the top of the picture.   I use this broom to sweep the leaves out  of the flower bed.  The garden broom hangs up on the perennials, I have pulled some up.  You can sweep the leaves  much faster, try it next time.

You can see all those leaves and  lots of grass. 

I have a lot of Day lilies in this bed, I read they are the best campanions for roses.  They hide the ugly trunks of the roses.  And if you have trouble getting something to grow in a part of your flower garden just plant grow Day lilies, they grow just about any where.  Now they have rebloomers.  I have some special ones coming from Smokey's Day lily farm.  Check it out.


I quit just about here.  The Bermuda grass got so bad, I could no more.  Carrel brought over his weed killer and mop.  There is still some more, we will use a spray and a milk jug.  I will show you what we do. 

Carrel has weed killer in the bucket and he is using a sponge  mop to kill the grass around the out side of the beds.

I have started putting down the newspaper here.

 Carrel helped me with the newspaper and put down the pine straw.

Our roses have begun to bloom, in another week they will all be in full bloom.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog page and maybe learned something.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, and you will grow one also.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I, Juanita


  1. My goodness you've been busy. I like your mop trick on the weed killer. My neighbor taught me something similar--a sponge brush to paint some plants in a bed of flowers you want. The newspaper trick is great and it's all looking good!

  2. Thank you. We have been busy and have lots more to do.