Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Flowers

I know, looks like a lot of work  They are all planted, except for the pots.  I will show you where we planted them and if I know it, the name of them.

 These were light and dark pink, they reseed themselves.  They had no tag.  They told me what they are however I forgot.

These were light pink.  They have faded to white.

These were all dark pink now they are fading to light pink.  I like the two tone effect of these.

These flowers in front of the bench are the reason I  went to  Shreveport.  Garrison's Nursery is the only place that I have seen these.  They do not multiply by root and none came up from seed so maybe by rooting a limb, I will not have to buy so many if I can root them  The name of this one is Mystic Spires Blue Salvia.  The humming birds love these.  The blooms are quite large for a Saliva.

 This limb broke off of one of these plants.  I took off two more leaves and planted it.  I take a glass of water out everyday and pour it on this limb.  I believe it has rooted.  Any limb from a
plant you want to root you have to water
everyday. These flowers cost me $5.00 each so I saved that much.

This Clematis I planted in 2011 has really grown.  It was not a foot tall  when I planted  it. I want  it to climb the arbor and meet the rose. One of my California friends,  TerryLynn  said 'Grow baby grow."  It is now about five feet tall.  It has two vines on it.  Thanks TerriLynn it minded you.

You do not have to plant these close to another plant for shade.  I put thick pieces of newspaper down on all sides and covered it with pine straw and as you see it is quite healthy.   To me this is one of the prettiest  Climates  there is and the bees love.
I thought I bought a King Kong Coleus. Charlotte told me I did not but I did buy two others.  She gave this one to us for my two and Carrel planted it in his Mother's pot.  


We buy these red Bronze Begonia every year for one of my beds. However this year I decided Carrel should plant them around this pot, in the picture above.  He  built an eight foot square bed in his front yard and put the pot in the center.  I talked him into planting the Creeping Jenny in it with King Kong Coleus in the center,last year. We have had a hard time deciding on what  flowers to plant here. We will see how we like these. It will take another flat of these Bronze Begonia at  least.  I will buy them from my favorite place, Selmans Nursery in Eudora.

 I bought two Shasta Daisies.  I planted both in A bed  one on the outside and one on the inside.  I have not had any plain daisies in a while.  This daisies is close to the " Black eyed Susans"

 This one is in front of my Shepard's Hook.

I planted eleven Red Hot Sally Salvia next to the house in F bed.  These are close to our Humming Bird feeders.  They love these.  The flowers are under the windows and I can watch the humming birds feed. 


 I plant Dianthus in Spring and Fall.  They give color to the garden all Winter and very early Spring.  In our  hot and dry Summers some die.  However some of them come back from seed.  You need to remember that I am seventy six, my right hip has been broken.  The doctor told me I would never work in my garden again.  I did all that Spring cleaning.  When I had only four plants left I could do no more.  I called Carrel over and ask him to finish.  I did not tell him how badly my right hip hurt.  I went in took a hot bath, laid in the water thirty minutes.  Then went to bed.  I just did too much.  I am fine now.  In fact I have done my pots, next blog.  Carrel was pulling the water hose around in A bed, most of the roses are in this bed, and he broke off a piece of my older Mystic Spires Blue Salvia.  When I found it, it was very wilted. Not only that but he had the water hose laying on the bloom of the Clematis.  I moved the hose brought the wilted limb in and placed it in a glass of water.  The next morning it looked great.  Now I have three more of these wonderful plants, if they root.  Carrel is very good as all of you know, however he is a man.  I told him we would have to make an adjustment to our watering system.  I will tell you all I said.  Always there is a brighter side. I now have three more of the plants that I go all the way to Shreveport to buy and saved fifteen dollars.

   I hope you have enjoyed this blog page.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.

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