Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two Great Perennials

Mystic Spires Blue Salvia

I looked a long time for the right purple perennial.  I found this in Shreveport, La at Garrison nursery. I ask if it multiplied  by root, she said no.  I had bought some in the spring, 2012. Two or three died.  These should be bought in the fall.  I  had  three or four to live through the winter.   We go to Shreveport every spring to look for flowers.  We see Charlotte my daughter, then go down to Tyler Texas to see his son. 

You can see my Easter Lily in the background.  Debbie gave them to me in 2011, for Easter, they were blooming.  Somtimes it takes a forced blooming bulb a while to bloom.  Just as soon as it stopped blooming I planted it.  Most perinnials bloom a while and then no more until the next season.   However Mystic Spires Blue   blooms from late spring until frost. 


                             The Lady at the nursery told me this plant would spread out but not multiply by root.  They did not reseed.  I had broken one limb off of one so I put it in the ground.  I watered it everyday and it lived and is going to bloom.  I am hopeing  I can root all I  need.

 I planted these Salvia along the walk.  I can sit on my bench and watch the humming birds.  They love this plant, that is an added pleasure of this flower.  The color is darker than the picture shows.  I think this is the ideal perennial.

Stocks Aster  is another good perennial it blooms a long time but not all summer.  It has good points, multiplies by root., and is evergreen.  I found a new baby on my old Aster took a knife and cut the root in between the mother and the baby.  They are both living and will soon boom.  These are earlier than my first one.  They do not bloom all summer but do have a long bloom life.

These are my older Stokes Asters The one on the right I planted in 2008.  The one on the left is the baby I cut from the mother plant.  These stems are more sturdy than the ones in the top photo.  I ordered some plants I know nothing about and planted them in front of the Asters.  They grew all out of bounds, and so tall they cut the sun off of the Asters. They multiplied something fierce took over the whole bed in only one year.  Carrel had a hard time digging the tough roots out.  Bloomed only once.  Bad plant unless you have two acres to fill

I hope you have enjoyed my blog page about my two best perennials. Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom.  I hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.



  1. What a gloriously beautiful garden you have! So lovely!

  2. Thank you Sherry Blue Sky. I love the name Blue Skies. I lived a while in Wy. the skies were always blue. I was there in the summer I loved it. Evingston Wy built with mountains all around it.

  3. I love the salvia. I just put in a new perennial garden and I may just add a few. I just purchased a few lilies that I will be adding this week-end.

  4. This Salvia I have is great. Stands up straight and tall. You will love The perennial garden no more planting. I hope you read my Lily time page. the reblooming Day lily is great. That is my next page.

  5. Well I guess I will have to add these to my garden. I planted Stokes Asters before, but I guess they died. Both plants are beautiful.