Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feburary 2013

Once again it is February,  another year has past.  My Gerber Daises are beginning to bloom  However I have had one or two blooming all winter.  The cold does not seem to bother some of them. I pulled the pine straw off the ones I thought I had lost, I think they will all live.  Last February I had a  Rose  blooming this year I do not.  Last year it was not as cold as it has been this year.  I had my work for February done, not this year.  We have cut back our roses, I went behind him last year but decided not to this year.  It has really been too cold for me to get out much.  The cold causes my face to start to hurt again.  I am down to 2 douses of  pills a day.  When warm weather comes I will have a lot to do.

My  Pansies  have really done great this winter.  I have ten pots of them.  I really like the ones that hang down.  This pot sits on the timbers that divide the two eight foot  Gerber Daisey beds, on one side I have yellow and pink on the other side is yellow and red. There are  two sitting on these timbers.

This is the other pot that sits on the timbers.  I have a Dusty Miller in the middle of this one.

                                                                        Showing color.  This is in the bed behind the bench.  All the flowers in this bad are to be purple.  I bought some flowers last year that were suppose to be evergreen.  They were not and did not even live through the winter.  No more ordering from on line nurseries, unless I know the plant.  So I will have to hope I can find some purple flowers to plant here, at nurseries.  I may try a sage.  In the center of this bed I have Stokes Asters.  I planted them last spring and they bloomed.  I did not expect them to.
 This Camellia  is called Debutant starts blooming in November and blooms all winter.  Carrel  has one also.  I have gotten him planting all kinds of flowers.  The only thing wrong with this beautiful Camellia is the buds turn brownish around the edges from the cold.  

The Governor
This bush has really grown.  Last year it bloomed in December, however they just started opening  last week.  I will plant some more this fall but they will be blooming when I buy them, if I can find them.  I want something blooming all the time in my yard.  I am almost there.

 No I did not put a picture on twice, I have two of these.  They are really loaded with buds.  They will be blooming for a while.

This is my favorite one of all .  Of course this bloom is ready to be cut off.  I do not know the name of this one.  All of these picture were taken today.  I think it only fair for me to go back a few days and show you how pretty this Camella
really is.  It is so little not more than three feet tall however it has buds from top to bottom.

This was taken about a week ago.

This makes you think of spring.  I do not know of any flower that cheers us more than the Daffodil.  I must have about two hundred bulbs, at least, maybe more.  I bought twenty five more this year.  They will not bloom until the middle of March.  The King Alford is the best yellow one you can buy, this is my opinion.  The only place I could find them was Parks Seed on line.  My Mother planted the King Alford, they were the only ones she would plant.  I like all different colors. 

  This is another welcomed flower in the spring.  and the fragrance is wonderful.  I planted about fifty more last fall, red,and purple.  They are up and showing color, but not fully bloomed out yet.

 These are Juanita Daffodils  They have an orange cup.  I planted these in front of the orange bed.

 In this picture taken about a week ago you can see the orange cup.


These bushes just came up on their own, in just the right place.  This is the ugly place in my yard.  We had one bush in Carrel's roses, he pulled it and threw  it in the trash.  I guess the seed fell here.  They look good here, gives this place a little color.   And my pots a green back ground.

Thee more pots with Pansies.  The last one has Dyanthus, they have not bloomed much.

  I hope you have enjoyed reading this page on my blog.  I thank you for watching my flowers grow and bloom, we hope you will plant one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I, Juanita.

Carrel cutting back the roses.

This is only one of two pictures I have been able to get this year of this wood pecker.


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  1. Well now I think I like Debutant the best. But what is really great is to have them all. Love the woodpecker picture.