Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Night of Pain

Red and White Camellia
In October of 2004,  I was living in a senor citizen apartment  in Jonesboro, Louisiana and it was inspection time.  I had to have a perfect score.  Any time I was to be graded on any thing I always had to have a high score.  My floor in that apartment was bad, whom ever lived there before me did not clean good, very stain.  I decided I had to have it cleaner, so I rinsed the floor with nothing but bleach, no water, did not rinse it off.  I had all the doors opened and the windows raised, however when I went to bed I closed. them, I lived alone.  The next day I went to visit my Grandson and his wife and little boy.  I stayed with them two maybe three days.  The last night I was there I woke up with a severe pain in my face.  I thought I had had a stroke.  I went to the bath room and looked in the mirror no  damage.  I thought that it was a nerve pain, because my cousin had it.  The next day I went home and went to the doctor.  My doctor was not in, so I went to another one that I knew.  He said I had a bad ear infection, he gave me an antibiotic.  I told him about the bleach and said his Mother had done the same thing once and had blisters on her lungs. He x- rayed-  my lungs and told me they were fine.  The doctor told me that was very dangerous.  I have never done that again.   I had the pain for about four or five months before it went away.  I can not use bleach at all now.  The pain came back again in  about a year.  I was treated with antibiotics again and it left again, however it was more severe.  In 2007 in August the pain returned, I had moved to Dermott and bought my house.  Carrel and I were dating at this time.  This time it was not just my face it went into my eye and fore head.  Really sharp, shooting lots more  severe.  I went to my doctor in Mcgehee Ar.  She was very concerned because it was not only in my face but in my eye.  I could not stand the sun at all, had to wear shades.  My eye had never hurt before, when the pain had returned.  The first thing  Dr. Connie did was to  send me to the hospital to have the blood vessels in my neck tested, to see if the blood flowed right.  Bill, the man who checked it said I had only good plaque, he wished his blood vessel were as open as mine.  Then she sent to eye doctor and he gave me every test he had.  I was told to go to a neurologist and  he suggested Dr. Ironside in Little Rock.  The medication Dr Ironside gave me after sending me to the clinic for an MRI and blood test, ruling out a tumor that may have returned in my ear, was Lyrica.  The medication really did not lessen the pain, but made me gain twenty five pounds.  I went back to Dr Connie told her I wanted her to change my medicine she gave me Gabapentin.  I don't think anything cures this, it is an inflamed nerve, the medication just makes it easier to bare.  After taking  Gabapentin for a while I noticed I have no leg pain, the doctor said I had restless legs.  I have been on Gabapentin since the fall of 2008, but a lighter dose.  When the pain came several months ago I increased it to four pills a day.  Sunday night I woke myself up four times screaming, I was sitting on the side of the bed holding my head.  Carrel was awaken and was patting me on the back.  The pain was very severe,  I hurt like that just before it stops, for a while.  I got up at 9:30 the pain came two more times.  The pain went away about 10:00 Monday morning.  The pain was back this morning January 31.  After an hour or so the pain was gone again.  Maybe I am going to have another rest for awhile.   I will have to stay inside and not get my face cold.  Cold air causes the muscle to contract, therefor the nerve ending hurt.   I will continue to take  four of these  pills of three hundred actavis for about a month, if no more pain I will cut down.  I pray I will have no pain tonight like I had Sunday night.   Thank you for reading this blog page.   I thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita 
Debutant Camellia


  1. Oh momma, your camellias are so beautiful. Hopefully your pain will go away soon. Be sure to pray about it. Love you.

  2. I hope it goes away soon. Love you

  3. What a story of your bouts with facial pain and it not completely going away. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight as I pray God will give you favor and complete healing of the damaged nerve(s).
    Your talents and gifts of growing beautiful flowers of every kind and sharing them with others, along with your lovley handcrafts is awesome!
    Your hubby, Carrell sounds like a caring and loving man. You are both blessed to have each other!
    God bless you both
    <3 Sheri ~ Central Texas ~

  4. Thank you Sheri I need all the prayers I can get. I know God does not put more on his children than we can bear. I am better today.