Thursday, January 26, 2012

Missy's gray sock sweater

Carrel took Missy to get a hair cut, the lady who cuts her hair knows two styles short and shorter.  Does not cut in the poodle style, just the puppy cut.  Carrel was holding her and she was so cold she was shaking, after all this is January.  Carrel ask me where her sock was that he made her last year.  I must have looked at him as if he crazy, now I am a person who has a place for everything and everything is in it's place, if I could only remember where that place for everything was.  So he thought it would be simpler to make her another one.  I did not know I was going to write a blog page on this or I would have taken a picture of the sock and him cutting it.  The sock is one of those gray wool socks with the red  band around the top.  Carrel cut the toe out and cut leg holes on each side of the heel for the legs to go through  The heel fits right over the chest.  When she was wearing it the holes began to run and get bigger. He dicided I needed to sew around the cuts he made.  While was looking at it I knew what I would do, instead of sewing around it I would crochet a single crochet around the places he cut.  Well as I said there is a place for everything and everythig in it's place my crochet is something I can always fine.  I have been here for five years and have  the bag has been in the closet all this time, and the hooks are in their case.  I used red bedspread ctton and a size 7 hook.  And while I had the hook and thread I made a basket to fit the plastic cup on my washing liquid bottle.

the basket made from bed spread cotton crochet thread
While I was looking in the bag , I found a baby cap I made with white and pink bed spread cotton. Will have to send it to Rose.  My granddaughter Bridgets little girl.  I had forgotten I made it.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about Carrel and I making Missy a sock sweater, so she can stay warm.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you will grow one  of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.


Just some of the creatures from my yard.   Next blog will show where my winter garden will be.   Charlotte and I are going to have to go to the farm over in Ruston and buy some more Sasanquas.   I did not know Camellias bloomed at different times

My hooks in the cace right where they belong. May be some day I can find the other sweater ringht where it belongs.


  1. I love Missy's sweater! Are you going to make the squirrel and birds sweaters too?

  2. Carrel would look handsome in a matching sweater.

  3. Just wanted everyone to know that I do have color in my yard. I love my squirrels

  4. I have been looking through all your posts and have enjoyed it, you have a nice blog! I am one of your FB friends!

  5. I was right there with Charlotte...I just knew there'd be a picture of poor Carrell chasing a squirrel with a little sock. I don't know how you'll get one on those birds, but I certainly want to see that picture!