Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlotte

This was the first nice dress I ever made Charlotte.  I always rolled her hair before I took her any where.

Charlotte is one of my five daughter, lives with her husband Dow Crawley.  She has two daughters, a son and 4 grandchildren.  Charlotte taught school for 21years and decided to retire.  She did not stop working, Charlotte joined her husband in their remodeling business.  Charlotte has been on the school board for about 13 years.  At last Charlotte has gotten to stay home with babies, grand babies.  Charlotte has always been a determined person, learned to walk in one day, that was maybe me, I would pick her up when she sat down, and would not let her crawl.  Charlotte would have stayed at home with her children but they needed her to work.  Charlotte loved teaching, but missed a lot of what her children did.  Now Charlotte is enjoying children, grand children.  Little Rose stays with Grandma while Mother works.  During the Christmas break Grammy kept all three.  

Charlotte got her 1st sewing machine.

Charlotte was always interested in my sewing so I    bought her a little sewing machine.  I remember      Charlotte played with that little machine a long         time.   Below was her first,big bike.  We bought her one she was little, she wore it out. I will never forget Charlotte would run in to the kitchen and want me   to hold her bike so she could get on, she was so   tiny.  We had concret block holding our mail box I showed her how to get on her bike from there.      Again she did not stop until she learned to ride her bike, in one day.
 When we brought Charlotte home  from the hospital her daddy's best friend carried her in the house.  Burt Roper was his name.  When he got to the door he stopped and said "This is the tinest baby I have ever seen.  From then on to her daddy she was Tinsie Baby.  After she got in high school Charlotte did not want to be called Tinsie Baby anymore, but both Grand Mothers and Daddy still until they died never stopped.  When Charlotte got older she and I would ride up and down that road.  The house is gone, we built a new one, it burned.  The rode does not look the same.  There were only three house on that rode when we lived there, now there are houses every where, everything chances nothing stays the same. 

Charlotte's daughter bridget and family

Charlotte danceing with her son Paxton at is wedding

Charlotte's children are gone from home she is still busy.  Charlotte has goats, chickens, rabbits and dogs to  keep her busy.  So I know that she does not miss working.  Charlotte learn to sew while she was still home.  Has Charlotte's purses on face book, sells stuff on etsy, and writes a blog.www.charlotte'
 Hope you have enjoyed reading about my family from time to time.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me. Juanita
Charlotte and two daughters Jacquieand Bridget


  1. Well you did write about everything and more. Thank for the BD post. Love you Mom.

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  3. Seeing all those picture when you were little brought on so many memories,I had to write bout them.

  4. You have some good pictures of Charlotte. She has a pretty family. You needed some pictures of her goats. They are so silly. Why didn't we raise goats? I would have never thought Charlotte would have gotten them. She always claimed the family dog as hers.