Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it Snow

A close friend is hard to find so hold on.  I bought this house because my friend Eve and I love to sew together.  We were making shirts and vests for each holiday.  Eva's daughter told us we needed to make purses to match our shirts.  It took me a while to figure how to lay our patterns on five yards of material to get two shirts and two purses now I can lay it easily.   Our theme for January is let it snow.  Eve was not satisfied with just making shirts for every holiday, she wanted to make curtains, table cloths, place mats and change all of this every month.  All blues are not the same color, it was hard to find one to match the fabric we used for curtains  for January.  We found this solid blue at the garment factory in McGee.  We had enough fabric  like my curtains to make everything but our tie backs.  Carrel likes the curtains tied back so I folded my solid  color napkins and made my tie backs.  My table does not look good with oval place mats,  so I took the microwave oven plate and made  a pattern for round place mats. We have a solid fabric for the round table cloth and one side of the place mats and made  a square to match the curtains.    We make two squares one in each color and reversible place mats, if any thing gets dirty we change it.  We use snow men as our mascots.  My hair dresser, Evon Jones, made my snow man out of a gourd.  I like my cowboy snow man.  I did not tell her how to dress him, except I wanted him in blue.

I was in Dillards before Christmas of 2008 and found these little snow napkin holders.  I bought all they had Eva has two tables she decorates.  I found a  stuffed snow man in the dollar store.  I never throw any thing away that might be usable.  I bought new lights for my living room and hall.  They had long chains with  them the man that put them up for me cut off  what was not needed to hang the lights.  I kept what he did not use.  The left over chain made a good swing for our snow man in the  front door wreath.  Eva found the ribbon.  I made the back door hanging and embroidered on it with my new  Brothers 2500 machine.   

Yes, we also made two shirts and purses, I embroidered on them. I put two of the same pattern in two different directions on  the shirt fronts and the sleeves, only one around the purse.  We also decorate a tree each month.  We have all months made except May.  I am thinking of flowers and butterflies.




Tree ornaments

I hope you have enjoyed my blog page about decorating our houses for January.  I thank you for following my blog and watching my garden grow and bloom.  Hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita


  1. Looking forward to my holiday/birthday quilt! The blog is beautiful as I'm sure my quilt will be...Love you.

  2. Is Debbie trying to be subtle? I don't remember seeing you in your January costume. That is a very pretty shirt. Glad to see you are feeling better and back to your decorating. It's fun.