Friday, January 6, 2012

Family Christmas Party Dec 31, 2011

Have Happy new year and start your new garden.   
Charlotte, one of  five daughters, gave me the bench.  Now all I have to do is plan and plant, and my garden room will be complete.  Frank and Carolyn, my son and his lovely wife, gave us a round Fire Pit and cover plus a book.  Writing my blog I will need this to sound like I really do know something.  It was Frank and Carolyn's turn to host the party this year.  We have it at a different child,s house each year.  Carolyn made chili this year and I made the pies.  We really had a feed,  after so much dressing the chili really taste good and it is not so hard on the hostess.  This has become a custom with our family.  We were full as ticks I really wanted a nap, but some big mouth,and all of us have a big mouth along with a big behind, yelled Mama come out and bring your camera and take a picture of the kids.  I did, and every where I stood someone  was getting in my way.  I will not mention any names, one of the grand daughters kept trying to get me to take a picture of our famous behinds.  I told her to move over I did not want her behind, my darling husband said I would have to use the landscaping setting on my camera.  I could not believe that wonderful man would say that.  He was informed he was one hip breaking from the nursing home.  I thought she meant to do it.  The great grands loved the leaves.  Hope no ticks were hidden under them.    

This Little one,tough as a boot, kept falling over this log.  I finally decided he liked the attention he was getting and enjoying being the stunt guy.  Even if he is one of mine, I think he was a doll.  A real little boy!
Some of these Big Boy are married and have children of their own.

Could leave the girls out.  Two of my lovely Grand daughters.  Then we went inside, to open our gifts.

I played Santa to the little ones.  My daughter Debbie and her husband shopped for me after Christmas and saved me some money, on their wedding anniversary.  You do not meet many like those two. She loves to shop and does a great job.  She bought movie tickets for all adults, Mama and Daddies need a night out, put them in popcorn bags with a drink, bag of corn, a bar of candy and a small new testaments.  We must not forget God at this time.  All I did was wrote a check.  Thank you Debbie.  The children got bible coloring book and colors.  If they wanted to they could swap out candy.  Of course Grandmas have to baby sit.
This jacket still had the price tag I asked Debbie, she gave it to me, if she knew she left it on.  Sure I wanted you to see what it would have cost,  before Christmas.  One hundred eighteen dollars, Debbie loves Dullards, she only paid nineteen dollars for it. Love that jacket.  Debbie and Tafta, her daughter go together and buy me a Christmas sweater every year.  Carrel wanted me to wear the jacket to the beauty shop, when I got my hair done on Thursday.  I tried to tell you do not wear Christmas clothing after Christmas, He said they left the decoration up, that made it alright.  Well of course I wore it and Evon loved it.

January is theme is "Let it snow" so I can wear this one through January.  That was not all this girl bought, here is one more.  This was the first gift she bought, she had to make another trip through Dillard's that is when she found the jacket and red shirt.  Thank you Debbie, Ken, Tafta, and Matt.  Lenora gave me a gown she made and Carrel  pajama pants, Lenora they fit perfect, he loves them.  So much time goes into a hand made gift.  Joe and his lovely wife gave us a new Bible,  Ben and Ashley gave a cut glass tray.  Thank you children for coming to our yearly get together it is about the only time all of us get together.  We missed Elizabeth and Sandy's families, hope they can make it next year.  Debbie mailed their Christmas to them.  We also missed Bridget's family all but little Rose, They had a science project to finish.  Jacquie and her husband and their little Caroline were not there, I believe this was her first year to miss.  Paxton and his lovely wife from Dallas could not be there we missed you all.  Samantha, is a midwife and had to be on duty in Austin hope she and I can get together soon.  I am just throwing in some more pictures.

Stacy Evans

Stacy is one of three lovely daughters-in-law of Ken's and Debbie's, Johnathan's wife.  They have two well mannered boys and two sweet little girls.  Wish I had gotten families together, hind sight.  Below is Joe's wife, Cassondra and a daughter.  They have two lovely girls, Carrel thinks they can do no wrong, wonder what Mom thinks.  They are expecting another one.  We really can not have too many little ones.   Before all of them are finished, We may have to take out a mortgage on the homestead, just to buy Christmas.   Ben and his sweet wife Ashley have two boys and two girls.  They came the farthermost, Fayetteville Ar.  Max is going to mulch the leaves.  I hope you enjoyed my blog and Christmas party.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and boom hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  I have the  gardening book of questions and answers so ask me.  Have a very good 2012.  Juanita. 

Jordon, Ben, Joe, Jonathan, Steven, Jeremy and David

Dream  Come True is still blooming.



  1. I glad the bench worked out. I looks good. We really enjoyed the family Christmas. I like the green sweater you got best.