Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Sean

Sean Harrison
Sean was one of those Grand children that makes a Grandma's head swell so big they can hardly get through the door.  He loved Grandma more than any one.   As just a little baby, Sean when ever I was around, nobody but Grandma counted. Out of 22 Grand children I only had two that felt that way, Tafta Rodgers and Sean.  Liz had four children Sean was the only one that would leave his mother and come to me.  After Tara went through that 'I want my Mama" stage  would spend the night with me and we would watch scary movies.  Wish Tara and I could sit up all night watching scary movies on more time.  When Liz and Jerry would come to the house visiting Sean would hide, sometime right behind me.  He would close his eyes  thinking if he could not see them, they could not see him.   Jerry would find him and say "Boy open you eyes I can see you."   We all had to laugh about that, a good memory I was not working I would tell them to leave Sean and I would bring him home.  I like for Sean to love me and want to stay but it made me sorta sad to hear my little boy cry, because I was leaving.  I worked in Big Star in the meat market when he was big enough to climb out of shopping buggies, if he saw me through the window he would start climbing.  I would clock out and carry Sean while Liz shopped.  My boss would tell me Liz was out there and to clock out and hold my baby. When Sean was little,he would play with any thing that made a noise.  Sean loved his bath, one day I bathed  him, then  I placed him down on the floor  after his bath Sean rolled holding on to his under shirt and hit the refrigerator with the snaps.  He was happy baby, you did not have to hold him all the time.  But holding him was fun to  hug and kiss, but now he has a girl friend.  How ever I know he still loves his Grandma.  I hope you have enjoyed watching my garden grow and bloom and grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita

I can not believe I still have roses blooming.  Sean here is a rose for you held in Grandma hand, love you Sean.


  1. Hello!!! Thanks for visiting my snowy garden. What a love story you have there. Looks like there's plenty of family to keep you busy too. The roses are amazing. Looking forward to seeing your garden through the year.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Wow, I haven't seen Sean in so long. It does make a grandmother feel loved to have a grandchild who really wants to see her.