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December 27, 2007

     To the world you may be just one person but to one person you may be the world. Bill Wilson

Like the name of the rose "Dream Come True"  this man is my "Dream Come True."  I worked until after I reached 70, finally I retired, or thought I did.  I had been looking  at  houses here for a while, because my friend and I sewed together every time we got a chance.   Houses were cheaper here  than in any cities my children lived in, and I wanted my own home.  I don't know how many houses I looked at, before I saw this one.  A blue house I really loved did not need much work at all, had a nice big room for sewing, told the lady I wanted it.  However I had a dream that one night someone hid in the carport and attacked me.  Sometimes I believe we are warned in dreams or at least detoured.  I woke scared so badly, I did not go back to sleep, called the next day and told the Lady, I did not want the house.  I had it narrowed down to two houses this one and another one.  My daughter Lenora came up and we looked at both on the out side.  We talked it over and she liked this location best, so I paid my earnest money, decision made.  On October 14, the owner was suppose to meet me here and close the deal, however she had to wait until the next weekend.  I had asked my daughter Debbie and family to come up, however I was given the key so I could show them the inside of the house.  While we were looking around this Lady across the street came over and introduce herself and told us the man(Carrel) next door to me, wife was in a wreak and died two weeks before.   Just about that time Carrel drove up and Missy ( his Poodle) jumped out of the truck and ran over and my great grand Daughter, Audrey started screaming. So I picked Missy up and handed her back to Carrel. I introduced myself and told him I was buying  the house and would be moving in shortly.  He looked at all of us like "Oh man," so I said "just me not all of us."  I know now he was still in shock.  When he went in the house my grand daughter Tafta said "Grandma there is you a boyfriend."  "Tafta I do not want a boy friend and his wife just died, he is not looking already."  I had a little saying "I do not want a dog, cat, bird, fish, nor a man.  If I have to feed I do not have time for it and don't want it."  I went through two bad marriages and did not want another one.  I did not see Carrel until spring, I went back to work and he stayed gone a lot.  He did not like living by himself, I did.  My son Frank came up and started building my flower beds and Carrel would come and talk to us.  Between us was some ugly bushes, I ask him to  whom they belonged and he said  "To you and if you  have Frank cut them down I will haul them off."  So Frank cut them down.  I was planting flowers in the bed by the carport, he stopped and ask what I was going to do about those bushes Frank cut down and I reminded him that he had said he haul them off and he said " I did didn't I."  So he did.  I was over looking at his roses and told him I would love to have roses but I can not spray them.  I have too many allergies, he told me to buy all the roses I wanted he would spray them, so I did.  Frank was there on day and he told he had learned one thing since he had met me.  Frank asked him what was that and he said to keep mouth shut when he was around me but he did not, he asked me to marry him and I did.  My  Daughter Charlotte bought me a yellow rose (Eureka) when it bloomed he came over and asked me  what kind it and he wanted one.  I looked every where for one and could not find one, however last year Selman's nursery order two for me to give him.  
Carrel's Eureka
Johnnie ( Carrel's) son who lives in Tyler asked him was he ever thinking about remarriage, Carrel likes being married, and he said " No, he was to old to go out any where looking, unless God dropped a woman in my lap, I won't"  I guess He did and we did.  I hope you have enjoyed watching my garden grow and bloom and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me Juanita

Red and white camellia
My Camellia is blooming this one usually blooms just before the azaleas but they are young so I hope they continue to bloom early.

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  1. What a sweet story! It definitely sounds like you were meant to buy that house to meet your future husband. How nice that you both can garden together!