Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Baileigh,my granddaughter.  I was in the delivery room when Baileigh was born, I had been in Little Rock with her Mother nearly two weeks before she was born.  Her dad Jerry was gone on the truck so I took Liz to the hospital.  I had never seen a baby born, so it was quiet an honor to see Baileigh being born.  She had black  hair not only on her head but all over.  Liz ask me what she looked like and I told a monkey with hair all over her.  The Doctor laughed and said it would fall off and it did.  She was a beautiful baby and her Mother was very happy about her.  As you can see she is a very pretty girl now.  I hope you have a good day todayon you birthday.  Baileigh was a sweet little girl and sassy. 

Jason's birthday was the 23 of November but I was sick and not at home so I am combining his and his little sister's. Jason teaches preschool in North Ar. and his wife drives a school bus.  I hope you had a good birthday Jason.  This is Jason and his family Amanda wife, Brandy his little girl and Tenneson his son.  They seem to be a very happy family hope you had a good birthday I will have you something in the mail before long. love you.
Hope you have enjoyed watching my garden and my family grow.  Hope you will grow a garden of your own.  Happy gardening from me to you.  Juanita

                    Rain on Dream Come True
This Dream Come True is still blooming on December 16, 2011.


  1. Happy birthday Aunt Debbie

  2. Elizabeth had beautiful children. Now she is going to have beautiful grandchildren.