Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel. Which means ,"God with us" Matt. 1-22-23

It is raining the day after Christmas.  When my children were home I loved this, I always bought games that we could play together.  We would sit around the table and play all day.  I still like to play games, I have no one to play with, except this wonderful machine the computer.  I hope that all of you took  time to thank God for sending his Son.   Carrel and I had a quiet dinner Christmas day.  I got everything ready Christmas Eve and he decided he could eat it for supper, so I baked a pan of dressing that night.   Christmas day I made the sweet potato casserole, I do not use a recipe, I just put together potatoes, sugar (brown and white) egg, a little milk, butter, put it in a baking dish, top it with a mix of chopped pecans, flour, brown sugar, melted butter, put it on top of the sweet potatoesand bake.  Tastes like my Grandma's sweet potato pie.  All my Children have children of their own so they now cook Christmas dinners, like I use too at home for their children.  I do not feel the empty nest I know I could go to any of the kid's house's except Debbie's, she makes the rounds by in-laws and children.  We have Thanksgiving at her house.  I have had the dizzies for a while not really sick but not well to walk and ride much.  Did no shopping this year, sent a check to Debbie "the shopper."  We will have a family Christmas Saturday 31, at my Son's house.  We have it at different house's each year.  I don't remember having roses at Christmas time before.  I know if I brought them in they would not look too good but there is some color in my yard.  The tree  still has yellow leaves and the yard is covered one more time.  Carrel will mow.

We still have a few roses, they are droopy.   This is sort of an eye sore, the Schwan's man backed into it turning around, I am the last house on this street. Carrel is going to build a bed here and I am going to get pots to wound the hoses up into, when we are not using them.  This is a necessary eye sore, if you live in Ar., La. or Texas you know this. Carrel planted a few pansies here.
Hope you have enjoyed watching my garden grow and bloom, and grow on of your own.  We will be looking back over the past year and I will be ordering lots of bulbs just as soon as the daffodils bloom, so I will know what I need and where.  Happy gardening to you from me. Juanita


  1. You could make thend rounds with us... Happy Anniversary to me!

  2. Juanita,
    What a beautiful journaling of your Christmas and family! I was blessed by reading it ! Sorry that you are a bit under the weather...prayers for healing and a healthy NEW YEAR!
    God bless you and please continue your stories/through blogging. Photos are lovely and fitting! <3
    Do you follow my blogs? would love to invite you if not... and

  3. Glad you at least feel well enough to cook and blog. Sure hope to see you Saturday. Wish there were people here to play Rook, Monopoly or Risk; those were my favorite.

  4. Thanks for the comments Sheri I loved you blog Luci is beautiful you are doing some thing to cheer up other that is good.