Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet Mr and Mrs Gast

Happy birthday December, 18  Elizabeth.  We went to Elizabeth's and Calvin's wedding reception in Fayettville, Ar.  All her children were there, and her Grandchildren.  Elizabeth stayed single for many years, I think She has met and married a very nice and smart man, he sure has some pretty black curly hair.  It is not right that a woman should have to live alone.  Her children are now grown except for Baileigh, her youngest.  In a few years Baileigh will be grown and have a life of her own.
I was glad that all her children could be there with her on this day.  Her oldest, Tara and baby girl Farrah flew in from Florida.  Tara stays home with Farah and is doing a great job.  My camera and spent about six hours with Tara and Farah and did not get a good picture and I knew I was going to write this blog page. However modern days are here so I went to face book and got one of Tara  and Elizabeth's first Grandchild.
Jason is Elizabeth's second child.  He and his family were there, a lovely wife, Amanda, daughter Burgandy and son Tenneson.  Jason teaches preschool age and Amanda drives a school bus another full time Mother. 
Jason, Burgandy and Amanda

Jason and Amanda's son Tenneson daughter Burgandy

Sean's girl friend


Sean and his girl friend were there and their dog.  I did not get a good picture of the dog.
 Sorry Sean and no one had one on Face book.
My daughter, Debbie Evans and Joe her son, came by the house and Carrel rode up to Fayetteville with them.  Elizabeth and Calvin had a very good dinner for us.  Calvin grilled shish ke.bab with shrimp, little tomatoes, beef cubes, peppers.  We all had a good time.  I am very happy for Elizabeth and Calvin.  The picture above is Baileigh and she seemed happy for her Mother.

Thank you for watching my garden grow,and  I hope grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita

Joe Evans Debbie's son

Ben Evans
We stayed at Ben's house while we were there and enjoyed the visit.

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  1. Hey! Who told you you could post my pretty picture?! Where's the elk? That would have been a pretty picture! LOL Very sweet family, very good birthday blog...December 19!