Friday, February 3, 2012

Valetine decorations

Valentine tree  
This is my tree for February.  My granddaughter,
Bridget sent me one box of hearts and I bought us one.   If Eva and I see some thing we can use we always buy two.  For Christmas I gave Eva a witch like mine my hair dresser finally finished it and I gave it to her yesterday, and she loved it. Thursday when we got home,from the hair dresser  Carrel went out to the store room and got the box of Valentine decorations.   He ironed everything and put up my curtain. I decorated the table and put up the door hangers.  I decorated the tree. I would not have gotten my house decorated if it had not been for Carrel.  At least Thursday was a pain free day after I got my muscle relaxer.
These are my curtains over my sink. we always hang something in the middle. This month it is a red bird.  I want one month to be birds.  We do not have May or June.  I want Butterflies one month, since Wal-Mart  no longer sells material in any of their stores close to me I have a hard time getting material. 

This is my table. We could not find heart napkins holders so we made them by cutting out hearts and  sewing then on the place mats.  I use the plate in my microwave oven for the pattern.  We sew two round place mats together and bind them with bias tape.  We place a thick interfacing in between the two mats. We made a black round table cloth and a red on and two squares, in case we get these dirty.  Eva found the jar for candy,and she bought two.
Candy Jar
Dish towel holder
 The kitchen door leading to the carport just takes one length of forty five inch of material.  I had a hard time finding a pattern of a teddy for the back door.  I made the heart separate and sewed it on the bear. my friend and I have fun decorating our kitchens , next our bath rooms. I made the dish towel holder on my embroidery machine, it will make a lot of things.  I got all my patterns from Embroidery Library  on line. A friend, Joann Lampkin gave me a dish washing bottle apron and I used it to make us a pattern to dress our dish washing detergent bottles each month

Front door wreath

I hope you have enjoyed this blog page about how we decorate our kitchen for Valentine.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, hope you will grow one of your own.   Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita

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