Friday, February 10, 2012

Blooming in Febuary

Gerber Daisy
                                         He who Plants a garden plants happiness. Proverb
Madi Gras
Hyacinths with a bee
I have been pleased  and amazed that I have Gerber Daisy blooming now February 8, 2012.  I am writing this page as a record.  I know this is the first time I have had these flowers blooming this time of year.  I even had a rose the fifth of February I wonder what this may mean.  If I were a betting person I would bet we will have the hottest summer we have ever had.  This past summer I lost a lot of flowers I am buying only flowers that love hot weather.  My hyacinths are blooming and the bees are busy.  Not only am I surprised to see the hyacinths in bloom but the seeing the bees this early, Nature is full of wonders.  Not only were the hyacinths blooming also the Daffodils are also, not all but some.  The pink Camellia, Debutant, is in full bloom it is a double and very full bloom.   The open red camellia is also I don't know how such a small bush can have so many blooms.
Yellow daffodil
                        Pink Debutant Camellia
Open red Camellia
Pink Gerber daisy
I have two yellow ones blooming
A Christmas gift from my daughter Charlotte
I do plan to plant more hyacinths this fall and I have found where I can buy King Alford  the very best yellow daffodils. With the King Alford  the stems are stronger and they hold the cup up so you can see it.  They died out for a while and I could not find them.  My Mother covered her yard with them so when I started buying for my yard here I tried to find some King Alford  I was told they all died out. Parks seed has them, they are high but worth the extra money. The Hollyhock Hyacinth has not been on the market for a while they are available will order these to plant in the fall and plant with the King Alford, my  favorite combination is pink and yellow.  In the new bed between the stepping and the bench I have ordered mostly purple. They will be evergreen.  I read the blog roses and other garden joys and she made me see my yard in winter, even though I have a lot of evergreens, why not have all my beds I can in evergreens. I do not plant anything that does not bloom, however a lot of perennials are evergreen, you just have to hunt.  I have ordered for this bed two Lavenders  to be planted by the bench on both sides, the smell will be heavenly.   Purple Smoke Salvia, with black stems to border the bed, in the center will be Stokes Aster may take three.  King Afford and Hollyhock Hyacinths,  will bloom in the spring, They will be planted between the Stokes Aster and the Smoke Salvia.   The other plants will not be blooming but the color green will be there.  My daughter bought me a bench for Christmas.  My room is complete except planting.  My budget will be over the limit this year.  A garden tip:  It is time to cut back your roses.  The one that  grow tall Carrel cuts back to about a foot, October Fest, Dream Come True, and About Face.   Fertilize your roses next month for spring blooms.  I hope you have enjoyed this page of my blog and will follow the progress of my new garden in my garden room.  I will keep you informed as I order and plant my new beds.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and I hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me. Juanita. 


  1. Ken & I received our seeds yesterday!!! We are so thrilled. Now just need some warmth & down time to get them planted. Love you & thanks for the seeds.