Monday, February 27, 2012

Something new is blooming in my yard to day

Japanese Magnolia - "Betty"

Today is a very warm day, I went to have my hair done.  When I got back I sat on my bench in the new part of the garden.  I sat and just looked around this has been such a strange  year, really not much cold whether  at all.  I was walking around to see what all was blooming and I saw this tree.  It has never bloomed this time of the year.  It is a Japanese Magnolia  called Betty.  There are six that Willis Farm has, Cucumber- yellow, Saucer- light pink, Ann- light pink,  Betty purple( that is what mine is called) Jane a darker pink than Ann.  They can be grown in the north part of our country to the southern most part.  A very hardy small tree, we keep the new grow cut off the bottom of the tree, this helps the top to grow better.  I did not plant this it came with the house for free.    I love the song " The shade comes free with the tree" this tree came free with the house and lot.   I am going to buy me another one, I want to see the yellow.  We may go Saturday to Willis Farm if my face is not hurting and it is not raining.   My daughter, Charlotte may meet me in Minden, Louisiana.  The Camellias are still blooming and still have lots of buds to open.   I do not know the name of all of mine but I like the Debutante best.  The red with the yellow stamens is really a good bloomer.  I have two of them.   I have one that has not bloomed yet, it is red.  I have a red and white that I thought had stopped blooming, I looked at it today and it still had one bloom,  no more buds.   We cleaned out some flower beds yesterday.  I had not worked in the yard this winter, thought I would be soar as I do not exercise much.   I do squats by my bed, so if I start to fall I can catch the bed, so I was not soar at all.  More of my Spring bulbs are blooming now and the yard looks like  Spring, even though the calender says it is still Winter.  I have always heard after the Daffodils come up winter is over.  My sweet smelling Hyacinths are blooming I have to mark them all so I can plant some more in the fall.  I want to plant some by my bench. If the Lavender does multiply like they said it would, I will have to plant the Hyacinths by the Asters.
Pink Hyacinths and Sweet Almond.

  We have an ugly place in our yard under the Buford pear so I think the wind or birds decided to help me out.  I planted the Hyacinths  but I did not plant the plant with the berries. They are going all around this tree, I never would have planted it  because it has a little bitty white blooms. however they do have pretty berries and they are evergreen this does make the garden look nicer in winter and took care of the space around the tree. of course I have daffodils blooming they are a month early. This show that sometimes Mother Nature can be a better Gardener than we are .

Thank you for reading this blog page and hope you have enjoyed watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me, Juanita.


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  1. So glad spring has sprung! Hope it's not too early. Your flowers are beautiful!