Monday, October 3, 2011

October Harvest Month

"Even if something goes undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn" Elizabeth Lawrence  
Samantha and Jeniffer Evans
 October is the beginning in the Norther Hemisphere Fall, however in the Southern Hemisphere it is Spring, like our April.  Today October Third in Germany is Unity day, the Berlin wall  came down November 09, 1989.  This wall had been put up by Russia, in the middle of Berlin, after world war two.  We all celebrated the coming down of that awful war.  A country of people should never be divided.  In the Murphy and Evans family, we are celebrating the birthday of a lovely girl. Lovely in body and spite, Jennifer Evans.  Jen is one in many single mothers, who are raising their children, but she is among the lucky ones, not completely alone.   The father is an honorable man, and helping this little boy grow up to be a man.  
Jen works for a telephone company in Shreveport and teaches zumba on Saturdays.  Max's father takes him every other weekend.  Jen is the daughter of my daughter of my daughter Lenora. I hope Jen you had a very good day Happy Birthday,  The month of October is a cooling off time, a time to put this years garden to rest and plan for next year.

Max with Uncles Steven and Jeremy
Hope you have enjoyed this blog page.  Hope you will continue to  watch my garden grow and will grow one of your own.  Happy garden from me to you . Juanita


  1. Did you mean zombie instead of zumba? I see that Jeremy's eyes are still glowing. Zombie or vampire?
    It is true that you can see for 12 months and see all kinds of changes in the leaves.

  2. She does teach zumba & Charlotte is the zombie!!! LOL