Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Blooms Part 2

In the beginning  God made the Heavens and the Earth.  Genesis

I believe God made these little green frogs, and we have many on this little spot of ground.  I have found them asleep in roses, and lilies.  The  Queen Elizabeth  is my favorite rose bush, slender, elegant  and  pretty pink color.  If Carrel, when dead heading this rose would go down about four or five, five leaf branches it would not grow quite so high.  I know my Queen Elizabeth bush is at least eight feet tall and I am only five feet ,it is hard for me to take a picture of the rose on top.  The bloom is medium to large and being a grandaflora bloom often and  blooms back quickly.   I want to keep all of my rose bushes, but if I could have only one I would keep the  "Queen of Roses." 

My Granddaughter Bridget gave me two rose bushes for Christmas in 2008 Kimberlina ( shown in part1) and Sweetness.  Sweetness was the Grandafloura of the Year in  2008.  Being a grandaflora Sweetness is taller than most bushes and blooms more often.  Sweetness has a wonderful flagrance. 
I have bought many flowers in Shreveport, any time I go there to visit my daughter Charlotte, we hit the nurseries.  I wanted a yellow rose so Charlotte was going to buy me one for my birthday.  When I made a trip close to my birthday in June of 2007, we looked every where, we could find lots of Tea roses ,but we wanted a florabunda or grandaflora, these bloom more than tea roses.  We finally found Eureka, a florabunda  at Garrisons Nursery, they have just about everything.  Charlotte bought me one and I bought one.  I planted one on the left side of my driveway and one behind the mail box,it did not get enough sun so in 2008 Carrel moved it to the right side of the drive.  Eureka is Carrel's favorite rose.    

In 2008 Debbie my second daughter brought me another yellow rose, a florabunda Sun Bright,  we planted it in front of the house.  In 2009 we moved it to bed A on the left of the drive because it was not getting enough sun.  Sun Bright  does not bloom in clusters, however it is blooms back quickly.

Madi Gras is a grandaflora,  taller than most florabundas, like florabundas blooms in clusters.  The Madi Gras is a smaller rose with an open face, very colorful.  A Week's rose planted in 2009, we bought Madi Gras from our good friends at Selman's Nursery.  We have been very happy with Madi Gras heavy bloomer, even in the hottest days of summer.  


The VaVoom  is a very bright orange, get your sun glasses out ,bright.  A Week's rose ordered   from Selman's Nursery.  Carrel made a bed just for our four  VaVooms.   Unlike most roses the VaVoom does not have to be dead headed  before starting to rebloom, and it will rebloom at a three leaf branch.   VaVoom  blooms back much quicker than most roses, a medium rose with over twenty five petals.   How ever this summer the blooms were not always as pretty as past summers.  This was the hottest and driest summer in my life time of raising flowers that I can remember.  We are happy with our VaVooms.  I hope you will continue to watch my garden grow and grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me Juanita.


  1. Beautiful! Glad to see such pretty roses.

  2. Thank you Debbie, better in person. You saw thes when you came up to see me.