Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Blooms Part 1

"Just before the death of flowers and before they are buried in snow,there comes a festive season when nature is all a glow."   Author Unknown

Frankly Scarlet
 These are the flowers that are blooming this day, October16,2011.  We planted Frankly Scarlet in 2009, in the same bed we planted Black Cherry.  This rose is a heavy bloomer and  is seldom with out a bloom.  A florabunda and blooms in clusters, medium height and a medium sized bloom.


 Kimberlina was the Florabunda of the year in 2009, a Christmas gift from Bridget, my granddaughter.She also gave me Sweetness.  Kimderlina is a small open face rose, of medium hieght.


Pink Gerber Daisy
I planted 2 in 2010 just to see if I could raised them, I had bad luck a few years ago with these.  I was talking to Liz at the nursery where I bought themlast year and she suggested that I may have watered them to much.  I planted them this year in a raised bed, three timbers high, twelve inches.  I have two 4x8 ft. beds end to end around two pine trees.  I have lost some of these but most have lived, the ones that died had some kind of fungus.  I planted yellow and pink in one bed and yellow and red in the other.  So be careful  and plant them in a well drained area in full sun. 
About Face

The back of About Face

I bought  About Face  on sale at Wal-Mart in July of 2007, Carrel really likes it.  A forabunda that grows taller than most.  When you cut off the blooms on this one skip about three or maybe four, five leaf branches, because it tends to run long branches out.  When you  dead head your roses you cut them at a branch of five leaves.   Roses tend to bloom back quicker that way.  About Face is not a pretty Rose in the hot summer, gets very small and not well formed.  Carrel likes the color any way. About Face gets it's name from the fact that it's petals on the back side is a  shade  darker than on the other side.

Cinco De Mayo
   Cinco De Mayo means the fifth of May,  Mexico's Independence Day.  We planted the Cinco De Mayo in March of 2011, and I have had no complaints, not a heavy bloomer but a steady one.  Being a florabunda it will bloom in clusters and often, must florabunda's are not extremely tall.  The rose blossom is an open face of medium size.

Moon Dance
Moon Dance, is the prettiest white rose I have seen, the camera really does not do it justice. A medium to large rose twenty five petals, this is the first year, so I do not know how tall it will be.  I bought from a Week's dealer, in Eudora Ar, Selman's Nursery. 
Hope you have enjoyed part 1 of October Blooms there will be several parts, as I have a lot of blooms around the October16,2011.  I hope you will continue to watch my garden grow and grow one of you own. Happy gardening to you from me. Juanita


  1. You named a rose after Daddy? Lovely post. Great job

  2. Frankly Scarlet is my favorite. That phrase was also followed by the first curse words ever in U. S. movies. Who knew...ME! That's who!